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  1. Is this ready for the £100 upgrade
  2. hey i got a problem when i load up i was playing got extra life and it froze then i restart the game has come up with 0196 cct c comm and not doing anything else please help
  3. I don't think the trap works on the £100 Jp u have tired a few times but it kept going to? Has anyone else tired
  4. fantasic that will do yeh i do like barcrests but i think there all on mpu6 the only other one i wnated was bell fruit lucky steak but again i think its mpu6
  5. ill love kung fu pounda
  6. this is the machine that talks about carol am i right i always think about my friend as his wife is carol but i dont know any other carols around haha i do remimber playing the £5 jp in buttlins a few years ago
  7. cant seen to get it to work said i need 19.3 or later
  8. Thank you reg I love the barcrest machines always my favourite
  9. how about call off booty reg when is that coming out
  10. i cant find it to download its not on fruit emu saying use this do a search nothing shows up aslo is phil the power taylor done
  11. on the cash side it said £6 but it should be £7 thats what the alpha was saying when i got mega
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