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  1. AE has done project and another one, I think it's in downloads somewhere.
  2. Once there all loaded up try linking them together alt+L
  3. Thanks Pook thats a belter when you press F3 as well. And Happy Birthday.
  4. Richy1976

    I wonder

    Needs some redrawing as partly lit. Maybe a Pook jobby.
  5. All I use is built in Windows av, just don't be fool and leave yourself open to virus, dodgy porn sites and any site with pop ups are dodgy.
  6. Will anyone see if they can convert that, as looks better than the 1024 version out, giving trouble crashing 5.1, not sure if its a gam file issue or its just fooked. Thanks. RamesesRichesDX.zip
  7. That way still technically downloads it.
  8. You got queen vic dxcellent please, the one that says dxcellent on it?. Thanks.
  9. Might be mpu6. £400 And £100 awp a no no at the moment.
  10. Use differnt technology than ours so not emulated.
  11. Something needs sorting with it if it continues. Will be affecting donations and all kinds.
  12. Have you tried run as admin?.
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