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  1. Richy1976

    Reflex Roms?

    Does anyone have the roms for the reflex machines below as have some good art. Alice through the looking glass £70, Alices wonderland £250, Chops & change £70, Lady luck double take £70, Lady luck double take £250, Lady luck pots of gold £250, Lady luck whats in the pot £250. Thanks.
  2. Smash Martians on ebay £60 spares, works in free play so prob not much up in Burnley.
  3. That's still wip version infection, lamps are wrong in the red lights.
  4. Thanks Vecs. Little tip for layout creators to get a colour match for borderless with the background.
  5. View File Round The Town £8 DX Round the town £8 dx. Mainly made from youtube video. Thanks to. Vectra666. Tommy C. Submitter Richy1976 Submitted 15/04/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  6. Small fix, layout just updated, lamp numbers swopped around in bottom T.
  7. Do you use a hdmi lead to connect your monitor\tv to your computer and the sound comes through monitor\tv speakers?
  8. Are you using sound over HDMI through a gfx card?.
  9. View File Hit the SIx £4.80 DX Projects Hit the Six DX. Thanks go to. Pook for all resources and buttons used from his Bear Streak DX. Launton\Jonno for reel bands he reproduced and for recording the project sound effects. AE for sound effect mastering. Vectra666. Wizard. I had to make the £4.80 decal, it was ripped from youtube but was well off colour so had to colour it in. Tried to get it as good as i can. Any artifacts you may see in the bottom text will be cleared up in MFME v19, when it uses hardware acceleration. Also the token drop noise will work properly when v19 is released. A good watch in attract mode (i like it ) Buttons: £1 = 0 Token = 9 ` = Cancel 1 2 3 = Holds C = Collect SPACE = Start Enjoy. Submitter Richy1976 Submitted 20/03/19 Category Project  
  10. It's epoch, tech that maygay use and cabinet. Button panel looks a bit funny on it like someone's stuck a different one on lol.
  11. Damage is worse on the pics than the dx and it was on £75 if that rings a bell.
  12. Richy1976

    Club Xtra

    Thanks Reg. Flyer looks good enough on my phone. Edit: downloaded flyer maybe not.
  13. Theres a 5p £75 background for anyone you would have to find the dips. mil_75.zip
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