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  1. Lol at my poker how you had it Spa, deffo the same with the 56 sticker and the alarm sticker and thats basically the way i got it before i cleaned it up and give it a lick of paint. It ended up in some auction house that deals in props, thats were i got if from.
  2. Is that round the town?, ive been on the rampage looking for the flyer for that one.
  3. Cool. Could do with machines switched off though Spa for dx purposes. Thanks.
  4. Less than a hour if someone can collect it and recycle it for mfme, I don't mind paying some or will pay the £20.
  5. Crystal lucky las vegas, spares repair £20 on bids runs out soon. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/fruit-machine/372557475959?hash=item56be27f077:g:vbAAAOSwVAtcL5m~:rk:30:pf:0
  6. Nearly wee my pants then thought project rags to riches.
  7. Richy1976

    DOND - The Red Mist Club

    Thanks. Looks nice and tidy, will dl later
  8. Not sure could probably do with better.
  9. Was just going to say the same, flyers not much good and lit. Flyer is good for super charged.
  10. Richy1976

    Games that would never be made Today !

    Thrill kill ps1 banned.
  11. Richy1976

    MFME beta testers required

    I delamped the flyer on psycho cash beast I done.
  12. Richy1976

    Silly Pictures...

    No good for the eyes that pic look at it too long.
  13. Richy1976

    MFME beta testers required

    Or dual backgrounds, 1 you could use for portrait and 1 for landscape.
  14. Richy1976

    The Vault

    Thanks Reg. Happy new year. I have a pic of pure madness on £70 @vectra666, never knew about that till i saw it. Bit of a strange win plan £20 £70.
  15. Richy1976

    MFME beta testers required

    Or a nice piece of software that starts with KM.