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  1. One little thing. It's missing Seven segments from the cashpots. I think it should have 0 and 4 added.
  2. Maygay Square Deal. Picture from the Mecca.
  3. Many thanks for this Dave. Happy Cristmas hope you have a great one.
  4. Should keep you busy. Merry Christmas!!!! 3022 - Club LL Fiddle A Fortune - v3.1.zip
  5. These have just offered "Go all the way" bestofbritishclub_s5.gam bestofbritishclub_s5.ram
  6. Fair Games done a Casino one also https://www.fair-games.com/casino
  7. Looking great. Look forward to giving this a bashing.
  8. Un-tick lockout on the coin mech, save and re-load.
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