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  1. Try making buttons 64 to 71 check boxes and tick them.
  2. Try please? maybe a thanks ffs.
  3. Quality as,thanks for the layout mate.
  4. Easy money is a great game, sure there was a dodgy chip for this though.
  5. Lol no probs bud,Was just gonna send you an excellent version if it was the casino cab
  6. many thanks reg.
  7. Yeah the roms ain't in the dat,i'm sure someone posted the game proms up but no sounds,i can't remember were now though!
  8. Is it not system 83 tech,looks about that age.
  9. Wow,What a great looking classic,thanks for this,will grab it later on.
  10. It's the sounds that are missing for this.
  11. These providers always get away with it,just the sentence malfunction voids all pays and plays is a meal ticket for em to rip people off,all bollocks,if the machine malfunctions it isn't the customers fault,it's the devs and testers.
  12. Sure i had a wip for this on here but trawled through everything,was ages ago,i just chucked it to one size as the decals were horrid and wouldn't lamp good grainy. Anyway decided to have another look at this last night and decided to redraw the decals etc,just half way through the win ladder,hasn't turned out to bad.
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