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  1. Got this one lamped the test mode on this machine is all over the place,nothing is in order jumps from top glass to bottom etc,etc
  2. Lamping done on this ready for mfme.
  3. Made a start on these added all the graphics to the art and added buttons to the scan and cabbed everything up.There will be both £35 and £70 versions as I've made both sets up.
  4. I also can confirm yes.
  5. Decals are in there for £35.
  6. Made a start on this one,added all the graphics in and placed in a cab ready for Photoshop.
  7. will see how they turn out,already lamped 3 of the colours
  8. Got this lamped now,you forget what a pig they are when art is smallish,the notes are the wrong colour they should be red,yellow,blue and red happy days.
  9. Thanks,i will lamp the whole note and same for the chip,the masking wont matter as everything else looks like it will need masking anyway apart form the coins etc.
  10. Yeah you probably need a shit load of credits just to get a £3 board.
  11. Made a start on this one,the art is clear but not very big,it will be like a large 1280,would be a shame to not bother with it because it's not massive.It looks like mental money monster etc,
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