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  1. I have an image of this for a dx but i haven't the time atm plus it would need someone who knows what there doing to lamp the feature board correctly.
  2. No he means bellfruit casino bar 7s
  3. Red white and blue was a nobles electrcoin exclusive and was only releases on £10 jackpot.
  4. Sure it was called super 7s
  5. Does anyone have an image of this machine lit? any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Tommy c

    tsar Wars Empire

    Anyone know if theres an high res scan of reservoir frogs on there? I see social dickhead is being an ignorant twat as per.
  7. Thata because i auto played a few hundred quid through it to settle it down.
  8. Tommy c

    tsar Wars Empire

    Were you finding these high res digi prints?
  9. Not one ive heard of. If it has a belt reel for the hi/lo then do the classic in the style of legal tender invincible etc if it has 1_8 trail with the usual hi/lo reel with the overlays for the bonus then do it in the style of holy moley,show me the mummy top giza etc.
  10. View File Nightspot Wdx Here's my dx of nightspot by barcrest,full redraw apart from the background,thanks to wizard tech help and new mfme,rest time for me made my contributions for the year.......... MFME 19.8 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 21/11/19 Category Barcrest  
  11. Just started on this again,found the elusive new style materhorn nf font for free so decided to continue now i can redraw everything with the right font,spent the last couple hours drawing the cash values and blending them with the background.I think this one is gonna take quite a while to sort out.
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