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  1. Yep.my thoughts too,not sure if kev is still about, the flyer i have is high res its just a bad print from the manufacturer. I will just hold back on it. To me the feature board is the main problem, The other bits can be replaced with decals from the up n away flyer aa tue decals are the same sttle and font.
  2. Working on it's clone too.
  3. Wouldn't noramlly do this but,opinions on this please,iv'e swapped changed added colour filters,you name it i've done it and can't get this sack of shite to look ok,it is the worst flyer i have ever worked on for sure. let me know what it looks like or don't from your end,i've looked at this for so long now doing the bit of lamping ive done with it. My personal opinion is bin the thing and hope photo's turn up one day.Let me know please won't be offended as i think it looks shite even with the alterations iv'e done.There's only so many ways to polish a turd,great game but shite resources!!!
  4. Whats the lips are sealed badge below socials user name? Do like theae quirky awards. Have you not a got a prize bellend award for him too?
  5. Layout is now complete,i will hang fire for the images fruitsim sends over,if they are better i will swap and change things around.
  6. Hi fruisim,yeah that would be great to see what pics you have,thanks.
  7. Redrew The fruit decals as they looked awfull,so they look much better now.
  8. Made porgress with the lamping,the decals on the bottom glass are really grainy even more so when lit,i may try and redraw these i will see how they look in the emulatormthe cash decals have been a pain to lamp and draw in to make it blend with the grainy background,coming along now though.
  9. Back to the mpu 4's for a while now,spent most of today drawing everything back in on this base art as it was faded grainy or none existent in places,got 80% of the stuff drawn back in so will continue this tomorrow to get it lamped up,never played this for real or in the emu so will be good to see if it plays like jewel in the crown.
  10. Stunning work mate,5 star layout and graphic skills again.
  11. View File The Crazy Crocs Wdx Here's my phto based dx of a classic game called crazy cros,not the best machine to work on artwork wise as the art was awkward in places,thanks to zeus for the images,andy1 for the classic this is based on and wizard for the new mfme,i couldn't rip the bar images from the pics i had so i've redrawn them to kind of match the originals,thanks to all contributors. USE MFME V 19.6 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 10/10/19 Category MDM  
  12. The layout i did was photo based and i cant remember were i obtained the photos from.
  13. To many lines? Theres a small amount on this compared to some ive done.
  14. Hi does anyone have an high res scan of side a and b of this flyer please? It has loads of line through vital parts of the image and the version i ahve is too small to use for cloning the lines out,cheers. Thsi is the game............
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