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  1. Think all designers should be checking the level sensors on the jpm bfm and maygay games,if you havent got your token high and £1 high levels ticked this is what happens,you get games paying in 20ps/10ps and or wont pay a token win,making for a boring game.
  2. Beautiful piwce of work,many thanks,will grab later.
  3. Loving the super zoom when in design mode,just a roll of the mouse wheel and your zoomed right in to a section of your art,excellent stuff.
  4. Just remembered when i went to a barn find about 6 years ago to collect a road hog and viva espana there was one of these just sat on its own in the middle of the barn,some sly git had taken the game card and mpu 3 so wasnt no use nor ornament.
  5. That member who says he Will go else where,let him, hard faced twat!!! Yoi dont half come across some prize bell ends at times. Not sure why you blanked the tools name out,if this is what he thinks of the community,out the womble.
  6. Proper winds me up this does,utter arse holes.
  7. Yeah i use overlays,with slight ambience, amongst other effects,it doesnt always work well with all artwork though. This exact machine is in mr ps bognor and plays a great game btw.
  8. View File Barcrests Viva Espana 20p/£10 Wdx V19 Edition Here's a wdx of barcrests viva espana,using the flyer we had and some photo's to convert it to £10 jackpot,i did a £10 version some years ago and it was horrid tbf,this uses a different rom version and looks like the proper £10 conversion did,my love for this machine runs deep lol,it probably my most played game in mfme and out in the arcades,thanks to wizard for the new mfme. All short cuts are the usual. USE MFME V 19 ONLY,THANKS. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 12/08/19 Category Barcrest  
  9. None donators at fruit emu only get about 2 downloads a day, thats more than fair imo. I mean how long are you playing yhe games for if you need to download 5 layouts a day.
  10. Yep restrict em,for sure. Donate if they need more.
  11. I would add as a png so uy shows in the thread,otherwise people have to download then open in an image viewer.
  12. Funny you should mention this,went back to it the other day and did a little more on it,the flyer is horrid and needs loads of redrawing which iv'e nearly done,everythings in a thousand pieces atm,will get there eventually.
  13. Thanks for these matr,will grab when back on pc.
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