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  1. View File Nudge Gems Wdx Here's an update for mfme 6.1 of mdm's nudge gems,I've had to alter the flyer to make it 20p play £5 as the only other settings were 2p and 5p play,Plays a good game once you get it going,thanks to compost corner for the classic,spa for the £5 decal i used from a small pic he had on his google drive and to wizard for mfme. MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 17/06/19 Category MDM  
  2. Very nice,thanks for this one.
  3. Already have a complete dx of this,it was designed in v19 though so no 6.1 dx I'm afraid,this was done back in March.
  4. Tommy c


    What has this got to do with mfme development!!!
  5. First class,excellent looking classic,thanks for the layout.
  6. If anyone can think of any of these him layouts that need a dx or an update, then post the game here I don't mind sorting layouts for these impact games.
  7. Is there no dx of big cash machine? I'm sure I've seen a dx of that years ago,anybody know or remember.
  8. That post wasn't complete it was meant to say I don't know why I bother with these old ones anymore. Me I could make these games all day long as there great but they're not every ones cup of tea any more.
  9. No love for this one...... don't know why I bother anymore !!!
  10. I'm sure £6intokens did a dx of bonanza for mfme some years ago,was in the correct cab too if I remember correctly.
  11. Very nice classic mate,never come across this in the wild.
  12. Thanks very much for this.
  13. View File Nudge Double Up Deluxe Mk 4 Wdx Here's a photo based dx of jpms double up deluxe mk 4,much fairer on the nudges than the mk 3 lite a nudge and each way nudge,massive thanks to thompy on the mecca for images of his machine and for the pics of the reel symbols,and to wizard for mfme,all short cuts are normal. MFME V 6.1 ONLY THANKS. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 08/06/19 Category JPM  
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