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  1. Got the proper reel bands for it.
  2. Been working on this one this afternoon,got it lamped up ready for the mfme work....
  3. Looking good that is,great redraw so far.
  4. Got this one lamped up tonight should be ready by wednesday...
  5. View File The Hyper Games Wdx Here's a large scale dx of hyper games by mazooma,it is a reel to video game with a sports theme,quite alot going on which makes for an interesting game.I've set the layout to 50 £35 to make for a better game,massive thanks go to player for suppying all the resources to make this dx possible hitthesix for the classic and wizard as always for the new mfme. USE MFME V 19.8 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 27/01/20 Category Mazooma
  6. Just built this from the raw prints added all decals and put them in a cab,all ready to lamped now.
  7. When ive done the dx will send you it over.
  8. Yeah was door open, this one will be on original 25 jackpot.
  9. Just started on this,cabbed the glasses up and drawn the info decals in place ready for photoshop,very nice artwork so will be hd when released.
  10. Very nice going by the pic infection sent me you have done a top job there,shame about the supershot decals being a little eye bleeding but thats the colouring of the artwork,this machine was okish on £70.
  11. Got some very nice high res art for this...
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