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  1. @Reg @Geddy Rock on, and Tommy was the first to reply. Rock on Tommy. I'll get me coat. NQ.
  2. Update worked fine. Many thanks for this - some nice little fixes! Mainly because you don't need any AV, just a correctly configured hardware firewalll. NQ.
  3. It's up and down like a brides nighty. NQ.
  4. Thanks for the update! Not much help, but it upgraded ticketdyboo here running W10 build 18362.10006. NQ.
  5. Anyone who has played machines, has a problem with gambling, I implore you to watch this. Don't know if that was improvised, done in one take, but that is harrowing. It's harrowing because I did the same, only to my parents, my friends, fucked up relationships. You're so lucky Mrs Chop stayed with you. Thanks for posting it, really. NQ.
  6. Yep, see you all at Christmas!! I'm busy with this for the next 4 months. NQ.
  7. Nice one, as Markie would have said! Thanks, NQ.
  8. Well I tried. Hopefully the 0.4 roms might show up at some point. Thanks, NQ.
  9. Got a pile of them mate, don't know which stake or JP they are, see if any of these work. Then let us know which ones, and what the method was. Is it a flicker one? https://mega.nz/#!jAh30KgZ!60hE-HkaFys_oznC4THPBCTMBRQKgd5ZkU-6TSNWTn0 Thanks, NQ.
  10. Thanks for the updated version! @Reg " from Reg Gaming" - Have you started your own company? NQ.
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