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  1. Aw bollocks. @Pook Just so you know, I thought "shit" and reacted with that in your post above....and not "you're shit"..........ah I'll stop digging, hope you understood. Any chance of a previous version or did you lose the entire layout? It did, as Phil said "looks mint". NQ.
  2. Ball dropping stuff this. Good stuff! NQ.
  3. Was it back on FF, where the programmer posted pics and talked about it? I remember getting excited about it at the time. Given that Mr P''s is easily accessible for lots of you, would they dump the roms for us? NQ.
  4. Many thanks for this, got plenty to play while I'm off over Christmas! NQ.
  5. Oldie, let's have a bash of this bugger. Thanks, NQ.
  6. Another clubber I've not seen, good stuff! NQ.
  7. Coming up with some cracking old clubbers, one that I remember this time! Thanks for this. NQ.
  8. Quality. No more to be said. Thanks! NQ.
  9. Another nice bit of work from Vecs. Thanks! NQ.
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