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  1. Balls, just dropped it. Okay, straight force from layout posted, took £468 in to get the JP. Pretty crap june, and it pays out straightaway, which is what it's doing as I went for snipping tool. NQ.
  2. Yes, and several hundred later, it's still the same. Offering the odd £100, but getting nowhere really. NQ.
  3. Anyone got a happy ram for this please? Thanks! NQ.
  4. Not keen on the 3player lowerstakes, personally, but many thanks for nice little layout...or is it 4 layouts in one?? NQ.
  5. Wow, the mpu4 plasma? Must be rare if above ^^^ hasn't seen it! Nice. Thanks! NQ.
  6. Gambled out a win, it then respins the JP in and does the JP sequence. Only signs I'd had before that it wasn't too far off was the cash at £100. NQ.
  7. Been giving this a good play...love the music!! Really well trackered. Some of it very "Outrunny", some of it like like OMD or Human League. NQ.
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