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  1. I love my Rio........especially with the hacked card making all games playable in real mode. It's about 120kg if you need to know for transport. NQ.
  2. These them? NQ. Red Bar (Electrocoin) [Rom].zip
  3. niallquinn

    Club Xtra

    Yep, agreed, a bit strange, but thanks for the release so we can try it. Don't think a happy ram is forthcoming, played it for about 5 minutes, and that was it! NQ.
  4. Quite looking forward to LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163.... NQ.
  5. I thought he wanted to see how wide the High Street was........................ NQ.
  6. Ooo , it's a sneaky bugger. Will regularly let you in the middle, get up to 350-375 then fine you. I've CTRL+R at that point that many times I've lost count. Watch it'll do it in a crap way and just drop or nudge in........... NQ.
  7. Me too, only 24mins (20m) away up the A19. NQ.
  8. Challenge accepted, let's get this bugger. Thanks @Jamessco NQ.
  9. Oh, my favourite emptier was on one of these. insert enough 5p's for one credit, press start, it drops in a 4 of a kind win. And repeat. On the 75 quid one, a couple of quid in 5ps and you'd emptied it. Never had the right roms for it to work emulated though. NQ.
  10. niallquinn

    Site Upgrade

    80p from Greggs. Wahay! NQ.
  11. niallquinn

    Site Upgrade

    Don't break the pasticost!!! NQ.
  12. This could take a while for a JP ready ram.......... Thanks! NQ.
  13. /me waits for v2. NQ.
  14. @RegThere's an error on this - see King Of Swing feature, below it should be 5 winspins, you've put 6 strikes.......just had it.........and you can see from Alex's pic above. Blame the testers!!! Cheers! NQ.
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