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  1. Really? Running the latest 1903 with Classicshell (even though that's been axed a while back) and it's tick-ety-boo. Which "updates issue" bugs you? Thanks, NQ.
  2. Balls, I'v e liked too many posts today. Just catching up on reading old threads...and this is f'king splendid. Thanks*, NQ. * trying not to say cheers anymore for, well, reasons.
  3. @Chopaholic Can you upload the £6 fixed Bonanza please? Thanks, NQ.
  4. Keep it up, I visit the forums when I can, not always daily anymore, so can't thank creators for layouts as quickly as you may like. I for one, appreciate every layout, old or new, that is released.....and this ones a cracker! Cheers, NQ.
  5. Well 400 played through it, to get offered a win over 4 quid. That's an hour or so I won't get back. Played on, eventually gave me a top which went for 50 then totally dead again. Very nice DX though! Cheers, NQ.
  6. Kickstarter total smashed with almost a month to go. I've been wary of KS ever since getting burnt with that twat who was doing the Mastertronic and Elite books. NQ.
  7. HI FS....and RF for that matter! NQ.
  8. Looks like by the time I type this post, it'll be fully backed. NQ.
  9. Pics, free spider with the PSU. EDit, video lead is C64 RGB to Scart. NQ.
  10. C64C with PSU, composite video lead, Zipstick joystick, sd2iec with 4gig SD card packed with hundreds of thousands of t64 and d81's, Epyx Fast Load cart to speed up loading times.. Modded with potientiometer so that 8580 samples are played at correct level ie Skate Or Die, Arcade Classics making the sample level fully adjustable etc. sd2iec info - https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/shop/commodore/sd2iec-rc64.html Epyx cart info https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/shop/commodore/eflr.html Zipstick https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ZIPSTICK-JOYSTICK-FOR-AMIGA-AND-OTHERS-/254208257019 £100 free delivery. Pics tomorrow - also being posted in c64 for sale and retro for sale on FB. 10% to the Forums pot if bought from here. Thanks, NQ.
  11. niallquinn

    Jack Potty

    Yay - feeling better? Thanks for the layout. NQ.
  12. These them? NQ. Red Bar (Electrocoin) [Rom].zip
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