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    Club DOND Beat the Banker

    Got the £500 from the gamble on the 3rd £200 win from nudges, had gambled everything before to lose on that horrible turbo gamble. It took me down to £20 from £200 before climbing back up Was a good £150 in, was some afterplay afterwards a few £100 DOND offers which i refused for shitty boxes Was dead after maybe £50 in after the JP
  2. asfish

    DOND Gold - £70 AWP

    With my first go on this I got the cash pot on 50p quickly, on £1 play I had lots of go all the way, but 6 times it was £70 in the box So had enough and reloaded the Ram +Gam files This time £55 in on 50p before the cash pot, then another 30 before I got go all the way and it was a £70 box Bounced the machine and finally got the cash pot after another 20. Then got a Mega for £105 and also a £60 Deal on £1 play Then went on 25p, got a blue streak for £25 and a £40 deal so worth a punt on that! Reckon a £250 or so profit