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  1. Thanx for this loved this series of machines, often good for a little profit in the boozer.
  2. Cheers pook fantastic release,per usual.
  3. Thank you for the updates.
  4. Sorted now pretty obvious if not hungover, make a million time.
  5. Sorry for being thick but how do you get the upgrade click on check for updates but nothing happens again sorry for thickness ,need to give make a million a blast.
  6. great looking release and a classic bfm cheers.
  7. Cheers Shaun 20 quid ago How much are the melons
  8. Nice release tommy does it come with 20p roms, Just interesting as I've been playing the latest light a nudge on 20p 6 tokens. And plays so much better than the 5p. Much much fairer on nudges, Think I only maybe seen 1 in the wild on 20p. Always just about 5p I play that and will play this fairly often nice quirky little games The. Mark 2s were my fav each way nudger nice jacky tune up to 2 quid
  9. Late reply. But great release this used to love these down the bowling alley 20p 6/8quid tokens. Rich and famous winner takes , Crystal maze, mad house great fruits and gameplay yeh the top always auto pays the tokens, Remember getting the jackpot and stopped paying out after 2 quid remember crapping myself and auto repeated after a bit, Luckily. Got someone to witness most of it. winner takes all also auto collected tokens on the full flutter
  10. Don't remember this one. Must of been very rare, viva Mexico seemed fairly common for a short while. Obvisouly nowhere near the amount of crazy fruits. That nearly took over the world at one point. Nice release anyway.
  11. Cracking release interesting machine this one can't recall seeing to many about.
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