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  1. Thanks for this one. I'll work on a happy RAM but I have a feeling this will need a lot through it. It loves to force big wins via the Fine once you get on to Millionaire's Row.
  2. Not much to say really. Piece of piss to force these Barcrests. Club Frenzy £250 DX.rar
  3. £20K? That's crazy. I don't think there is any such thing as anti-force mode really. With a lot of clubbers there's no point in forcing, as wins all come from different compensators. A fixed % of each £1 goes towards jackpot wins, and it makes no difference if you collect the £20s and £30s along the way or not. Looking at this one, it's been £5K to get it ready, meaning around 20p per £1 goes towards the jackpot. To be fair, the meters were broken before I fixed them, so who knows how much was already through it. Noticed that even if you do get the massive pause at the start of the feature, it sometimes kills you anyway. Just keep going and you'll get there eventually.
  4. This one is ready. You'll get a massive pause at the start of the feature, then it'll go up to the top of the super trail. The original layout was by baz - thanks go to him. M2B Happy.rar
  5. Edwardb, if he is still around, would be the man to answer this question. What I know is every manufacturer does it differently, and it will be different again machine to machine. With most compensated machines, what commonly happens is that every £1 put in is divided several ways. A club machine at £250/80% might do this: - 50p to normal wins. So this controls payout for anything up to £50 or £75 - 20p to larger wins. So occasional awards of £100 or £200 or so on - 10p to Jackpot wins. - 20p is kept by the machine So, from a standing start, the above would need £2,500 putting in before the jackpot would be ready to pay. In practice it's probably a lot more complicated than this, and the balance of money sent to different compensators probably changes when values get too high or low. But the above is a basic picture.
  6. Thanks for that. It filled the super meter to 250 for me. It's still offering DOND, but I've had shitty boxes only so far.
  7. Oh no! Well, from your GAM it says 1460 in, and mine is just over 1K in now, so I'm not too far off. I'll upload it once I get it there. Just so you know, you need both RAM and GAM file. GAM isn't critical, as it's only the meter readings and so on, but it's good to include it as well. The actual game state is saved in the RAM, so we are indeed fucked without that!
  8. That's only the GAM file mate - we'll need the RAM file as well please
  9. Yeah, but who knows how long it will take. I'll post it up when ready. Looking through the hex, I'm pretty sure it does. 3 red hearts or all boxes lit red. Thanks for the layout Reg.
  10. Nope, and I also just realised the picture's not from one of Pook's either Think Barcrest MPU5 here.
  11. Thanks for all your videos. I really enjoy the channel and have probably watched the lot by now. Bit chilly down Ramsey beach this time of year! I am on the island as well, and have been for several years, but I'm down south of you. Merry Christmas mate.
  12. Thanks Reg. Semi-clone of Cash Buster, but without the Stop N Step feature
  13. Thanks Tommy. Very nice layout and it's a good game too.
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