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  1. nm sound roms are there just wasnt loaded in
  2. sound roms missing from Mazooma Cabin Fever
  3. nah vote for mr edmonds to do eating trial Future Machine Names(Jokes) Dond The Bush Machine DOND the Jungle Jackpot DOND Celebrity Cash
  4. hi sorry to be a pain how do i change the win percentage as im in edit mode and it doesnt allow me to change it?
  5. infection

    Jiggin' in the Riggin' DX - Global - MPU4

    just got opt reel 3 fault any fix?
  6. infection

    Fortune Trail DX

    thank you so much
  7. anyone found sound for mazooma cluedo as the dog barking is annoying lol
  8. saw subzero on the one ebay link vectra sent think £1 x 12 machines
  9. infection

    DOND DX Resources

    Can i borrow a flyer of DOND red Alert to help someone with DX
  10. infection


    happy viper ?
  11. infection

    Show Time

    thank you
  12. infection

    Site Logo

    i like the futuristic feel of logo ?
  13. infection

    Coming Soon Requests

    invaders by red gaming DNA by Red Gaming war of the worlds rampage Red gaming into dx form i know there around in classic but looking 4 a Dx version of theses