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  1. Thanks for this beauty of a machine no sneak peeks
  2. Had a dx of Jpm big wheel been done?
  3. Did any more progress happen on this?
  4. Hi pook when is this machine gonna be released and btw it looks amazing
  5. Cheers for this Vecs (enjoy a nightmare below)
  6. nope its Mr Bubbz (Devil Dog)
  7. If u want to download update open mfme 19 and click about and check for updates then it should upload to latest version which is 19.3 (i think) And also Make sure u put mfme Folder in exceptions folder on AVG if ur using that
  8. Might be off topic but has Pyramid by Electrocoin been done?
  9. That could be mazoomas Count yer cash Sound roms that are missing?
  10. V3 ^ thought we on V2?
  11. Never personally seen the machine but looks awesome so far
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