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  1. Looks amazing has machine beau peep been made into a dx as ive seen a coulpe of pics on a thread which look hi res
  2. I think it looks pretty good
  3. infection


    Has anyone seen the machine called Diablo as i the full cab as ive found Glass but havent seen full cab
  4. i think all of Meme3s layouts are a meme seriously they all take the p*ss Not done Buttons missing Lamping missing worse quality picture Cough cough Dond Cops n robber and hes gonna use image of bank job go for gold In gallery for a dx (Apperently) image is way to low quality also he doesnt listen to anyone To help him.improve
  5. Thanks for this do u have £100 version of your Cash ahoy release as A Future release?
  6. Isnt there still another 2 more aiwl Machines diamond deal and Mad hatter one?
  7. Thanks tommy for this amazing Updated layout
  8. Thanks for this will have a snap at this later
  9. thanks for this are you gonna do non club version of this beast of a machine?
  10. Got this image but Its alice in wonderland on Reflex app
  11. http://www.fmedb.com/fmedb/machinedata?id=1878
  12. Thanks mate added this image to db as this was missing
  13. Thanks.for this do u have a pic of this machine?
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