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  1. 1969kappa

    My Amiga 520

    Sorry to hear that and I will not even go in to odd and totaly F*&ked up country we live in......see I've started ......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Yeah I had the morales of an old dog where sex was concerned back in the 80's lol
  3. no the pencil sharpener was peter griffin lol
  4. Me too lol bus shelters,church door shelters shop doorway shelters and had sex in them all lmao
  5. Nothing scarier than jimmy saville lmao
  6. They held a fortune even back then when every coin was 3 times the size lol
  7. AHHHHHHHHHHH come on you can't go on here and put that as I NEED TO KNOW what the favour is lmfao
  8. this should need no announcement
  9. Head bags wow also how f^*king big were the top of the ranges
  10. Head bags wow also how f^*king big were the top of the ranges
  11. Or if your Peter Griffin your dick in to lol
  12. Kenny still wears these today lmao
  13. Once again I jump in without thinking sorry to hear that matey you know what I meant though
  14. Do your parents own a shop like the range lol
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