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  1. looks fine to me I've played real life fruit machines that look a lot worse
  2. T'hats what I did upped the i3 to an i5 upped the ram to 24gb ddr3 and the msi 640GT-v2 and it runs what I want sweet I'm not online gaming though(to old I'm more of a retro gamer) I would love an all singing all dancing water cooled turbo-ed/supercharged PC but I'm not good looking(any more lol)not got a fancy job don't drive Audi's or Merc's so it will have to do lmao sorry for waffling on
  3. A low/mid range graphics card would be enough because building one can cost £££££££££ if money's no object build one but fast fix graphics card Bought an MSI 640GT for £20 on ebay and the difference was amazing
  4. Glad the future looks rosier dad so thank you for your work and time you have put in over the years and once Reg you are fast becoming a bit of a hero of mine people who put in so much time and effort to bring pleasure to so many many people .I think I appreciate nice people more now I'm an old man and just wish I'd paid more attention at school so I could knock out work like some of you guy cheers anyway
  5. Thank you to all clever people involved I am eternally grateful for the hours of fun and memorise these sites have given me
  6. were the costumes made in China and bought on ebay lol
  7. lmao cant think why either
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