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  1. i agree... a VERY nice looking classic layout.. ive been dicking around with a couple of my own classic layouts for a while now..(nothing worth releasing...trust me!) but i can understand the time you must have thrown at this...nice job. Thank You.
  2. download and install this.... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  3. RED GAMING were even worse. they WOULD divert the first few quid you put in, DIRECT to the CASH BOX, even if the hopper wasnt full....it gave the impression it was "backing" when it wasnt. (not that "backing" means fook all anyway...it could have been a refill after an "empty" guys!) but after £5 in or so, any further coins would be diverted to the hopper....at least untill it was left to run in attract mode for a while....and then it would do it again..... i may be wrong but someone over at fruit emu (edwardb iirc) who was an ex machine programmer, said they were told to remove this "feature" from the games...but i may be wrong on that..
  4. @Player has just posted over at the MPU MECCA, that he has this machine in his garage ......
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