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  1. shaun2097

    Cash Ahoy Club

    thank you.
  2. and in the second pic, they have a silver ghost, clickity click, hi lights and a bar 7!!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barcrest-MPU3-Options-Unlimited-AWP-Fruit-Machine-1/254051710039?hash=item3b26a97457:g:TvMAAOSwqkRcLi0R OPTIONS UNLIMITED....only £5K! lol. ill take 2 please.
  4. shaun2097

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    squids in? squids_in.bmp
  5. shaun2097

    The Vault

    thank you Reg
  6. shaun2097

    MFME beta testers required

    i would normaly jump all over this, but i wouldnt be able to dedicate the time it deserves, as im having to work atm. bummer.
  7. shaun2097

    Bulls Eye DX - Associated Lesuire - MPU3

    amazing job! thank you
  8. shaun2097

    Maximum DX - Associated Lesuire - MPU3

    thank you for this. :)
  9. shaun2097

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

  10. shaun2097

    80's arcade games

    here you go...every atari vector game. https://trmm.net/Vector_games
  11. shaun2097

    80's arcade games

    Atari, Space Duel! i spent many many hours on this as a kid! Asteroids on steroids!
  12. shaun2097

    80's arcade games

    Bomb Jack. no introduction required...........
  13. shaun2097

    MFME OS Straw Poll

    if you dont like the look and feel of windows 10, just download windows 7 classic shell (its free).... my windows 10 PC runs, looks and feels no diffrent from win 7. you can also make win 10, look just like win XP as well... http://www.classicshell.net/
  14. shaun2097

    MFME OS Straw Poll

    win 7 and win 10