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    in the early days of the internet (1995 i think), i had to create a user name that i was going to use as my main user name for use on "proper" web sites (not the bogus ones we have all created at one time or another) i was a bit of a self proclaimed "expert" at Sony`s PS1 game, WIPEOUT2097, so thats where "shaun2097" came from....24yrs later and still in use!
  2. thanks for the reply and explanation.... i hope you can work it out, as in your WIP thread, the artwork was looking amazing...... good luck!
  3. another great machine and layout......... thank you Sir. (did you ever finish\release the "10 out of 10" layout you were making?... i only ask, as ive been waiting for that one, and just wanted to make sure i hadnt missed it someware along the line)
  4. thank you Tommy......good machine this....
  5. it appears this is the same as "falming 40,000" on the Reflex mobile app..... thank you Reg.....
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