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  1. dad

    Site Upgrade

    What's a pasticost? I'll lead you in mate
  2. We're just Mods at FE and don't have the option to remove/delete accounts. The user in question though has been banned. I suspect is wasn't a real person anyway as I waited two hours in the rain. I wouldn't mind but I'd taken half a dozen Viagra and every taxi & bus stopped 'cos they thought I was trying to flag them down
  3. They work on MFME 6.1 and can be found here - http://dadsfme.co.uk/index.php You'll need to register and await approval before you can download though.
  4. So how's the testing going? Seems to have gone a bit quiet on this thread. Besides the graphic updates (which look brilliant btw), are there any new techs/fixes in the new version? Really looking forward to a release so I can put my gaming lappy through its paces
  5. FFS I’m in Egypt on holiday right now else I’d have had a go. Hope everything goes ok and i’ll be back 10th Jan cheers from Hurghada
  6. Thanks Choppers, most enjoyable
  7. dad

    80's arcade games

    Looking at the pics I'd have to say Star Castle, but remember its well over 40 years ago lol
  8. dad

    80's arcade games

    Nope not that either, the closest match so far is Black Widow.
  9. dad

    80's arcade games

    Nope, not that one. It had wireframe graphics which were all green, no other colours.
  10. Looking forward to this, looks stunning!!!
  11. Seems you have a bit to learn about FME and how things work which is why I was lenient with you for releasing a couple pf my layouts at the Mecca. For future reference please don't post layouts unless you have permission to do so. I know things can be a bit of a minefield but help is always avaiable at Hogwarts, shit! I mean FME for those who choost to ask. Welcome to the site.
  12. Ha! I used to sell stuff like this when I worked in a Model Shop years ago. "Bandia" stuff was mega popular with hand held Space Invaders and Galaxians games....... we sold shitloads of those. I used to spend a good half an hour every Saturday evening playing with all the stock lol
  13. Bloody right it is. I'd shag that Altaira
  14. You done good son, long may it continue
  15. dad

    My first pc computer

    My first PC? I can't quite remember much about it apart from it was an Amber Screen and lasted about a week. I then got into the Amstrad 1512 range, then the 1640 (fuck me EGA a full 8 colours, cheer bliss lol), plus a 20MB hard drive fitted which at he time cost £395 for the HD alone. My fist 'proper' PC was an Elonex 386 with 2mb of Ram which cost me £44 to upgrade to 4Mb running windows 3. After that I went through just about every revision & upgrade going till about 10 years ago, when I'd just about had anough as things got stupid. Having said that I've recently bought myself a gaming laptop
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