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  1. Tried one briefly last night and got as far as a hopper error which I couldn’t seem to fix in the time I had. Will try again later.
  2. The 'NUDGE' has to be the all-time best feature ever added to a fruit machine. I'm almost sure it all started with Carfields Hold & Drop feature.
  3. Got to agree with that, they were very dark days for many reasons!! Its brilliant that wizard came back with MFME & regular updates and made JPM's Pool Play (with the help of Danno) a reality. I never in a million years expected that. Truely fantastic and brought back so many memories! Another thing worth mentioning is that the scene appears more settled than it ever has before and a few bridges have been well & truely repaired.
  4. TBH I'm not sure about this as I'm no Classic designer but 400 Steps & Opto Tab (3) on reel 4 seems to work. Its always a case of experimenting until you find the optimal settings. Next on the list woud be to find the door switches, coin input & buttons. (Tip, find a similar machine and look at the settings). It the best way to learn without tearing your hair out. For instance it took me AGES today to suss out how to connect up a Top Box & Slave.
  5. No it’s not. Didn’t do that when I set it up but I’ll have a look this evening and get back to you.
  6. Deal or No Deal Bank on It £100
  7. £100 SC5 set - no idea if they work 95428648.ZIP
  8. Sorry that should have been 95409273.hi & 95409272.lo for the program roms. I see you have it up & running though. Now the hard work starts by finding the correct settings. I've given you a head start.. The meter error was simply to set SEC to yes in config, then I've added a number reel which is also required. Hope this helps sc4hitshe.zip
  9. Might be loading too many roms. You should be able to load 'just' the layout you created by going to design/Layout Game/Load layout. Then to load in the roms goto Design/Edit Mode - Then Design Rom loader. Under Program Roms click load then navigate to where your roms are stored - hopefully the same folder as your layout. You need just two program roms, so.. Click on 95409273.hi, then with the Ctrl key held down click on 95409273.lo. This should load the roms into the emulator in the correct order. Then do the same for the sound rom 95008239.bin. Finally set the tech in the Platform drop down box & choose Scorpion 4. Then click 'Start'. That should get you up & running
  10. Been busy over the Christmas holidays finishing a backlog of WIPs. Here's a list of what I've completed and is now available at DADsFME Happy New Year, lets hope 2020 is a fantastic year for eveyone in FMEland. Top Slot £25 & £5 DX's (Astra) - an update to the original with better artwork. Bear X DX (Coin World) The Simpsons £15 DX (Maygay) Piggy Banking DX (Astra) Jungle Jive DX (Astra) Jackpot X DX (Astra) Lady Luck Band of Gold DX (Reflex) Empire Lo-techs.. Cash Box DX Full House DX King Cash DX Mr Money Bags DX Shanghai Surprise DX Shooting Stars DX Show me the Money DX Extreme Madness DX
  11. dad

    Happy New Year

    Very true! but you talk funny Happy New Year everyone
  12. Agreed it would be a nice addition for ease of use but.. It takes 2 minutes to create a basic layout. 1. Click Edit Mode (most important) 2. Right click in the main window and choose 'Reel' from the drop down list, repeat that anther 3 times to end up with 4 reels, then line them up side by side by clicking & dragging to where you want them. 3. Add numbers to reels. Go into Design/Reel Editor and right click on each band and choose 'default'. This will place numbers 1 - 12 on the reels. Don't forget to click 'apply' each time. Then close the reel editor. 4. Right click the main area again & choose Lamp matrix (all). Again you can highlight all & drag where you want them. 5. Repeat the same process but with 'Buttons (all Buttons)' 6. Right click & choose LED Display (7 Seg Display). I normally do this twice to get two blocks. 7. Right click & choose Alpha Displays (Alpha Display depending on the layout) Experimenting is the key here. This will give you the bare bones of a layout. There's often a lot more you'll need to add, change & do for certain layouts, but for testing roms etc this is normally were I start. Obviously I 'save layout' so I don't need to re-create it each time, I can just load it in as & when.
  13. I'll take a look if you like, but if you followed the guide I posted you should have had at least 1 7Seg display something. What I do is every time I make a change to something is to reset the machine (Ctrl + R). Not all changes happen instantly in MFME therefore you might have been adding stuff correctly but not showing up as it needed a reset. Probably should have said that in my earlier post - sorry Reading Reg's guide is a MUST for anyone wanting to get into layout design. I just wish there was a guide like that when I started. As Big J mentioned (above), there are loads of people on here who can help. Vectra for intance is now producing some very good layouts but in the beginning is was CRAP!, I'm sure he'd admit that himself now but then again so was I when I first started. We all have to start somewhere. I learned from one of the FME masters - Pook who guided me through those early days. If it wasn't for him I'd have chucked it in straight away.
  14. dad

    Disc Reel

    Here's some very VERY rough images to import into the disc editor which might give you a rough idea of whats involved. Obviously the settings will need to be added as well as setting transparency. Try loading them into the Red Dwarf classic first to see how it works Once you get the hang of it it would probably be best to re-draw what you need. disc image.zip
  15. dad

    Disc Reel

    Ideally Photoshop for the graphics, although there are many alternatives. You use MFME to actually build the disc reel. For the image itself, a Photo or a flyer of the machine would help. Which one are you thinking of doing?
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