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  1. dad


    17 years is a long time but I'm a newbie compared to some. Maybe you need some lessons from the master of multiquotes - Geddy
  2. dad


    I'd say pretty much all of mine, its a long time since I released anything on another forum although.......... A few years ago I closed DADsFME so a thread was made at FE containing a few layouts only reelased there https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/45330-mfme-all-layouts-from-dads-fme-website/
  3. dad


    Been around since stumbling across Alex's web hovel in 2001ish - http://dadsfme.com/hovel/The Hovel/index.html Having lurked for a while I decided to have a go at making a layout with help from Pook. I'd made a really crap version of Bar X using Union Games 'Select' roms which Pook agreed ro release for me and asked me what username I'd like to use, well I was a bit stumped TBH. I'd just been playing a game on the PC with the whole family and the Hi Score table read DAD, MUM & all the kids names etc....... so I said 'DAD'. In 2002 I made my first FME website and the rest as they say is history
  4. Not bad for a beginner Looking forward to it!!
  5. Just approved it so check your email
  6. Very nice post Ian., I agree with everything you said. It’s a testament to FME that the scene is still going strong. Obviously it’s not as manic as it was in the old days when F5 came in handy but these days it’s a lot more amicable and settled and I’ve made some good friends and even settled with some who used to sit on the other side of the fence which is fantastic. Long may it continue!
  7. dad

    JPEMU Conversions

    Probs needs another thread but any for Amber?
  8. dad

    Rock On

    Yep that looks stunning! Wish JPM Poolplay could be done.
  9. Thanks for the update & URL change - No issues downloaing at all
  10. Was going to ask you that for the next release
  11. A few years ago DADsFME almost closed its doors for good. Wizard had said "No more MFME" and the site and particularly its staff were getting all kinds of shit from various people and I kind of lost heart in it all. FME at that point wasn't in a great place. What really saved DADsFME was a message from Alex (aamusements) from Fruit-Emu who offered host the site for free and even offered to purchase the domain name from me which he eventually did. This arrangement continued for several years right up to a few weeks back when I noticed the the dadsfme.co.uk domain name was within a month of expiring, that together with the latest batch of outages got me a little concerned and the fact that for whatever reason Alex has been a little quiet of late. Obviously, I hope he's OK and everything is fine but I thought it was time for a change. I really want to say a personal 'thank you' to him at this time for his support for all these years and I hope there's no hard feelings for jumping ship as it were. If it wasn't for you DADsFME would not be still around so "thanks very much Alex"!! This brings me to the new arrangement.. DAD's is now hosted by Reg @ Desert Island Fruits who very kindly made an offer to support the site by moving it over to his more secure server. I once again own the domain name which as mentioned in the thread title is now 'dadsfme.com' so it might be a good idea to update your bookmarks. The move was done by 'Pete W' who runs the Mecca to massive thanks to both of you, hopefully this new arrangement will continue for many years to come. Long live FME
  12. Thank you. Update went without a hitch
  13. Yes DADsFME is on the same server at FE. Hopefully its just a server issue and nothing more sinister. I did a full backup yesterday just in case
  14. Fuck I remember that!!!
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