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  1. Am I too late ?, Happy birthday dude , hip hip !!! I need a new hip
  2. becks

    Strange Gaming Videos...

    That's what the kids watch , found myself amused by it , he does an amusing character called but man too , pretty sad . its shocking the views it gets , someone somewhere is making a fortune . anyone heard of blippi ?
  3. becks

    Strange Gaming Videos...

    great stuff , This world never fails to amaze me , good call reg , isn't life friggin great its the humanity in each little thing we do , makes me smile , knowing we are all big kids
  4. friggin hell , what a absolute beauty 11111 9 btw my shift key don't work 0 , you should be proud rolo ,
  5. Thanks dude , time to get all Cheech and chong , cause that's how I roll , no pun intended . friggin shattered , betting im asleep before I even light one , got 10 kg on each dumbbell , lol , fierce mate , I still got noodle arms , but I now have back ache , shoulders wrecked , my boobs hurt ………. if there was a winning lottery under a 40 kg weight , not a chance im getting it lmao , also , im shorter now !!!!!!
  6. Get this , its my birthday today 40 friggin 3 , not even a card lol , And I think ive got the story for the FME movie , its like speed , but its a fruity , you cant stop putting money in or itll blow up , only way out is , getting the jackpot . Cheap to make , plug it on you tube , Hollywood here we come , what do you call someone who goes up and down in the water ? bob , it might be a dond and not beardy knob lol ,
  7. its a fruity , but not saying which because I got to wait about 3 weeks . I did good , will put up some pics , when it arrives , thanks chasnbons , without you bud , would have well got her some jewlery , thundercats , HOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Looking at a , live and let pie , machine , 345 + 60 delivery , looks sweet , 3 yrs old . who says romance is dead
  9. Must admit I have drifted on the fruity idea , seems a lot of work , thinking jewelry or a hoover lol . its all about perspective , if a bear put on pants and trousers , it would still have a bear arse . I have to approach this from a different angle , im going to learn hypnotism !!!! , friggin genius
  10. ohhhhhhh , didn't consider that . good call . And on an unrelated note , Aquaman is an awful movie , im still angry at having wasted a precious 2 hours of my life . Only watched it to look at Amber heard , but even that didn't help .
  11. keep getting fruit machine planet , using kids pc , its a mess , get this , they watch videos of people playing computer games ! not actually playing them , just watching some plum play a game , nuts . keep getting script errors on each refresh lol
  12. Certainly should've chosen my words better , Ive had Krayreestyles banging on the door with a tub of vasaline in his hand . Still no head way on the present , Cant bring myself to buy from fruit machine planet , didn't like the machine list , want one with good sounds guessing I will be hearing it a LOT , the search continues …………………...
  13. shes a psycho cash beast lol
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