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  1. you guys are right , didn't finish watching the new two parter . To explain why , I would have to be sexist , racist and all sorts of bad . But the way it goes these days , not long before a reboot ………………….
  2. Thanks dude , looks bloomin astounding , double thanks , hoorah mr pook
  3. lol , my old , tired eyes don't notice refresh rates . You have all the joys of buying new kit , I keep kicking the desktop , hoping it crashes and I can upgrade while not feeling guilty about the oliver twist looking kids .
  4. Are there differences between tvs and monitors ? , I got 42inch tv few years ago and I havnt looked back , ya get good speakers etc , must admit I watch an insane amount of movies on it , so maybe I don't notice any differences , maybe with cutting edge games maybe not ideal . you considered going crazy and getting a projector , 300 inch fruitys on a side of a building . Sure ive been no help at all
  5. Sweet DAD , and a completely irrelevant GIF to say thanks , enjoy yo day
  6. I see the good lady Doctor is back , well im happy , sod you lot
  7. Cheers dude , looks great , high five
  8. not all Chinese/ Japanese ,some are just short people with jaundice
  9. On a lighter side , Basildon have taken to turning un-used shops into game and rest rooms , for instance one has chairs ,tables, connect 4 sets , and cards . Another has table tennis tables , what a great idea . Promotes healthy competition . Is a shitter loads of people lose their jobs , makes me want to stop spazzing every paycheck and start being sensible , swings and roundabouts today with these complete muppets in charge of us ,
  10. Im too awful at gambling too try it , but her indoors , shes like a moth to a light bulb . Its easy to forget the value of money , when I was a kid , I got 1.20 an hour for picking fruit I got 40 quid for a full week and done night work for 3.15 an hour . These days , im not even sure of the value of money . Such a confusing time
  11. Am I too late ?, Happy birthday dude , hip hip !!! I need a new hip
  12. becks

    Strange Gaming Videos...

    That's what the kids watch , found myself amused by it , he does an amusing character called but man too , pretty sad . its shocking the views it gets , someone somewhere is making a fortune . anyone heard of blippi ?
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