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  1. did it say red sky in the morning too ? . When I read the title , volcano fruit machine , I figured Krayzeestyles had bought a new toy
  2. Mate , friggin legend fatdad , this tune was on the latest simpsons episode , I knew it was a Christmas tune but had no clue of the name . Honest it was driving me crazy , ive used apps and allsorts to NOT find it , and boom its here . Friggin legend , once again I can sleep
  3. becks

    80's arcade games

    Mate , my favourite , if I figure how to record the screen while it plays , you will be picking ya jaws up off the floor , 'cause izz like ze master I play it like DARYL , no mere mortal !!! . Meeting up for a competition , it would be called a , jack off lol
  4. Cant figure whether its 4 channel or 6 channel sound , The amiga struggled with this tune , thinking you need 6 channels to have sound effects ,
  5. This is a seriously fine tune , from the Ninja Warriors arcade . Found a band that performs it too . Hard to believe its from a game , Never forget the shamisen solo at ~ 3:11 ! ( as a keen youtuber noted )
  6. becks

    My Amiga 520

    When I was a kid (oh god here he go's) , I was taught to share, if you had a bag of sweets , and someone didn't , you shared . That lesson was in sunday school too , help people , share what you got , if a kids in the corner crying , you go over and help . Then boom , your an adult , and the complete opposite applys . If you look for it theres suffering everywhere , I don't even see it now , trained to ignore it . I don't think its a conspiracy that we are all staring at screens and phones and pads , not seeing whats around us . Its just easier , water will always choose the easiest path . Think the early 90's and now , are almost opposite places , its a wild ride folks god knows where its going , in a fractured society , democracy fails . Her indoors is completely unaware of these scary life things , you either know or you don't , if you don't know , you probley never will . got to say , I love life , it isn't perfect , if life is a meal , ive eaten well , and I thank god for that , not a religious man , just an educated guess
  7. becks

    My Amiga 520

    Im no closer to playing lotus , Strained me nuts last night getting out the bath lol , so friggin old , reminds of kick starting 125 cc's ,ya know ? , when some bugger had taken your spark plug cap off , and you bust a bollock trying to start the bleedin thing . Think your amiga collection is awesome evo , never kept my old shizzle , mum said there was no space , out with the old etc .
  8. becks

    My Amiga 520

    Thanks evo ,Hes back , in good spirits , it is quite a learning time breaking yaself , one feels indestuctable up until that time . Had a card from the teacher who was there , on the other side of the coin , poor bloke was in bits , might have lost his job if he had even touched him . Yeah , country gone nuts , LMAO transgender , honestly , must be old age but its all going a bit odd !!! Taking a few weeks off , good time to bond with the boy , he cant escape my old man tales of old , that drag on ……………. .
  9. becks

    My Amiga 520

    I got a soft spot for , lotus turbo challenge 1 , got the easy , and medium courses commited to memory , its just a pain to get running, using UAE ? shed loads of options , so been trying cd32 , with compilation cds , and lotus , still don't run , I know from years ago the settings are funny . Wanna here something crazy ? (totes off topi ) , eldest boy 12 , crippled himself at school yest . on a trampoline ! , like broke his arm , metal pin job , and what strikes me , is why put kids on trampolines at 9 in the morning , so soon after waking and eating . And really crazy , so hes lying there , trainwreck on the floor , and no one could touch him or anything because of the rules , and the ambulance wait time was 2 hours . not moaning , just an odd country we live in , these rules we have to protect ourselves , mean that kids don't get helped , bit messy if you ask me .
  10. becks

    My Amiga 520

    Ah mate , they all went out , I got crisps , coffee , cake , rizla , s w eeeeeeeeeeeet .
  11. becks

    My Amiga 520

    Hey , I got a question , its linked to one of the games in the pictures , so in theory I can ask , but going on the title of the chat , it might not be the place . Chocolate spread or jam . Im fighting , lotus turbo 1 , its stubbon , too many choices on the emulator , had it running few years back , but changed systems many times , and I have the urge to feel young again . Any one got an ideal config for the emu that everyone uses ? forget the name , and to venture downstairs and check the name , she has strangers downstairs , stranger danger !!!!! ,
  12. becks

    My Amiga 520

    That gave me a semi !!!!
  13. No help here dude , might have to trawl the web to get keys , you tube seems to be a good source .Ive been hunting the , novomatic gaminator . Saw it on another thread here . On a completely unrelated note , got a amiga cd32 emulator running , totes flawless . Even blooming leander works !!!! , had to tell someone . Not found any Chinese machines . I digress but , watch , murder by death , 1976 . if you want to see peter sellers absolutely nail , a Chinese guy , by todays standards he would serve prison time for being racist .
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