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  1. gemini17

    Instant Millionaire DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Another clubber,we are so spoilt this week with all the gems of re-releases. Many thanks Dave Jay
  2. gemini17

    Doctor Who the Timelord DX - BFM - Scorpion 2

    Many thanks for the re-release,was something I always played in the arcades. Jay
  3. gemini17

    Red Alert Club DX - JPM - Impact

    Many thanks for the re-release of a another cracking clubber. Jay
  4. gemini17

    Hotpots DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Smashing,many thanks for the re-release Dave. Jay
  5. gemini17

    Red Hot Notes DX - QPS - MPU4

    Cracking re-release Dave. There were loads of these in bingo halls,as I recall. Many thanks Jay
  6. gemini17

    Cash-Filla DX - PCP - MPS2

    Cracking stuff Dave. Real love the unique features on this slot. Also seen a £4.80 version on y.tube do we have the roms for the 10p version? Many thanks Jay
  7. gemini17

    Pink Panther Club DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Looks amazing Dave. Would love to know how to get a jackpot out of this tight slot lol. Many thanks for the update. Jay
  8. gemini17

    Pink Panther Club DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Up to last year there was one on the pier at St Annes not far from Blackpool. Sadly it as disappeared now along with the Adams Family pinball machine they once had too. Jay
  9. gemini17

    Fast Trak DX - JPM - MPS2

    Many thanks Dave for two cracking re-releases in Switchback and Fasttrak. Jay
  10. gemini17

    Fortune Club DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Great to see another clubber updated. Many thanks Dave for all your time put into the recent re-releases. Jay
  11. gemini17

    Trail Blazer DX - JPM - SYS5

    Many thanks Dave. Another cracking clubber. Jay
  12. gemini17

    Typhoon Club DX - BFM - Scorpion 1

    Many thanks for the duo of club releases. Jay
  13. gemini17

    Chain Reaction DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Many thanks Dave for this cracking re-release. Jay
  14. gemini17

    Multiplay DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Cracking re-release. Never did see this in the wild. Many thanks Dave Jay
  15. gemini17

    Pot Luck DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Cracking stuff. Never played this nor have I played the original release,so looking forward to giving this a good bash. Many thanks to all involved with the re-release. Jay