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  1. Pole Position Club

    And there was I thinking the theme was racing cars!-How wrong was I. Cheers for uploading the pics-it is a cracking slot. Jay
  2. Pole Position Club

    Cracking release Reg. Always love a new clubber. A real shame with this slot and some others that you can't high/low as you go around the feature trail. Would have made this and other slots more entertaining and more of a challenge re getting higher up the trails. Yet I know this is down to the game providers. Still a great slot-one I never did see in the WMC. Is there a picture of this slot? Many thanks to all involved with a great release. Jay
  3. Blazing Trails DX

    Cracking re-release. Could never see this fully before ,so great to see the whole machine. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  4. Big Breakfast DX

    Cracking re-release. Was always a fav of mine in the arcades. Still an active game in a local arcade close to me set at 10p/£8. Do we have the £8 roms Pook?? Many thanks to all involved with a dynamite release. Jay
  5. The Streak DX

    Funland was owned jointly with Coral Island by the then Noble brothers. Not anymore! It still exists but it is a far cry from the glammer and glitz it was back in the late 90's-The same carpets remain,as does the dire run down furnishings and furniture! The slots are pretty much the same and the arcade as gone from clean to grubby with many slots not only outdated but poorly maintained.!! It also had a cracking cafe in the late 90's and this as remained disused and abandoned some 10 years plus,this brought life and revenue to the arcade yet the present manager does not see it's potential-crazy! I live around 8 mile from Blackpool and last week was the kids half term hols and to say the place was quiet was an understatement. Arcades were closed as were shops too,real sad to see. If any of you have planned trips to Blackpool re arcade playing,make it quick as I can see many more arcades and shops going under this season. And if you havn't seen Blackpool in near on 20 years then be prepared for a real shock if and when you do visit. Real off topic here,but do any of the members live near to other coastal areas ,and if so have you seen big changes in terms of visitor numbers? Jay
  6. Ten Out Of Ten Wdx

    Looks grand that Tommy. Real liked that slot in the arcade. Look forward to the release. Jay
  7. Cup Final

    Well you know im no tech genius mate! lol Yet I know from when I was hooked some things were not right with some slots. Recall three sets of Party Times set at 30p/£25( and as became gradually hooked),I got to know the arcade staff,attendants etc and one of the supervisors informed me that when they did the weekly collection that the 3 units of each Party Time were brimming so much that they were effecting the wires in the slot! She said they collected in excess of £10,000! weekly-well I know from playing them and from others getting stuck on them that they never paid out even a 1/10th of that! I reckon they had a percentage of no more than 40% and I don't know how that was done,but they were defo not right. Uve only got to look at C.Island,not just the bad times we have experienced but also how many times they were fined by the gaming board,for manipulating slots,in the past. Glad the game above is sorted now. Jay
  8. Cup Final

    Many thanks for posting the updated slot. I did make a comment over the slot in a review and mentioned what was happening above.-but I thought it was the norm after playing the same slot,and it playing the same way.!! What saddens me is if this was the case then in reality in the arcades(during my addiction days)the same slots were playing the same way. So no wonder they were making a small fortune on relatively low tech slots! Jay
  9. T777 Heaven

    Never seen this slot before. Looks interesting and looking forward to giving it a bash. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  10. Razzle Dazzle DX

    Smashing,looks fantastic. Remember rows of these in Yarmouth-would have been 25 years ago now lol-making me feel ancient. Many thanks to all involved with the update. Jay
  11. Movie Magic

    Think the slot I was asking over above is called"Hard days work" or something along those lines. Agree cashbox Horses for Courses would be great to see in dx form. Great to see all the new releases of clubbers. Jay
  12. Club Climber DX

    Had this in my dads WMC. It took a small fortune(as did most of the club slots)! Yet always was a favorite of mine and the highlight of the club trip,which always bored my brainz out along with the foul smell of cigarette smoke in the air and on my clothes when I finally got back home! Many thanks for the re-release of a cracking clubber. Jay
  13. The Streak DX

    No not at all. It's interesting to know what is about around the country,and more to the point what is left out there in arcade land. On my doorstep is Blackpool (and you would never think it was half term here!)-been along the sea front twice in the last week and to say it's dead is an understatement!! 3 arcades were closed and don't think I counted any more than 80 people along the front! Real is getting beyond bad here and I can't imagine it is much better around the country. Jay
  14. Super Blackjack Club DX

    Has anybody managed to get passed the note feature,the one before the 4x single green bar on the feature trail-or is this a block on the slot? It seems the slot jackpots through the gamble feature,or that's how it seems to play. Great slot and very addictive. Jay
  15. The Streak DX

    And there I was thinking some of the arcades in the North resemble unflushed toilets!! Are the arcades mentioned still open today?? Jay