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  1. gemini17

    Mad House Barcrest Dx

    It looks bloody fantastic mate. Sure the one I played was £8 jackpot but could be wrong as was around 20 years ago lol if not longer. Jay
  2. gemini17

    Mad House Barcrest Dx

    Hi Tommy Many thanks for giving this a makeover. Real look forward to the release. Jay
  3. gemini17

    Winner Takes All + Rich N Famous Dx's

    Great stuff mate. Many thanks Jay
  4. gemini17

    Winner Takes All + Rich N Famous Dx's

    Real look forward to both these. I'm sure ive played a £10 version in the past -are there other roms eg £8 token £10 cash? Also Tommy did you do madhouse? If is this getting an update too? sorry if I have missed posts etc just so busy with family atm-my partners aunt is not only riddled with cancer but has also recently been diagnosed with dementia-talk bout life completely shit atm. Just trying to take my mind off things. Look forward to the releases. Jay
  5. gemini17

    Subbuteo DX - Maygay - Epoch

    Smashing release Dave. Cracking dx and a cracking game. Could give some real good streaks in the wild. Many thanks to all involved with a corker of a release. Jay
  6. gemini17

    Quickshot DX - Maygay - Proconn

    Looks fantastic Dave. Only seen this played on Y.Tbe so real looking forward to giving this a bash . Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release. Jay
  7. gemini17

    Andy Capp DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    My 1st slot download in just over 2 weeks. Been without my laptop since then but all fixed now and so many treats to download. Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release. Jay
  8. gemini17

    Super Multi Nudge - MFMEV6 ready layout

    Many thanks for this. Been following yr videos online. Like many of the guys making comments-ive only ever seen £15 jackpots and £25 jackpots. I know where a few £5 versions are and I will have a go on them and report back to you if they too work the same way. Many thanks Jay
  9. gemini17

    Monopoly Takeover DX - BFM - Scorpion 5

    Truly stunning Dave. Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release,but especially to yourself Dave as the individual effort and your personal time taken(to complete the layout)shines through this amazing release and the end result-weekend sorted Played this in my local Gala club set on multi stake 25p/50p/£1 on £100 jackpot-nightmare slot lol So some sweet revenge to be had. Jay
  10. gemini17

    Ten Ten Do It Again DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Bloody fantastic,always a favorite of mine in the arcades. Cracking re-release. Many thanks to one and all involved. Jay
  11. gemini17

    Monte Carlo DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Smashing,one of my earliest memories of playing slots. Really loved this game sure there was also a version with a prize jackpot attached. Many thanks Dave Jay