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  1. Smashing release Dave. Love a new clubber release,so real looking forward to giving this a good bash. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  2. Fantastic release Dave. Many thanks to all involved with the cracking release. Jay
  3. Cracking release Dave. Played this a few times in the arcade. Never had huge wins but always gave a good play. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  4. Cracking release. Just a slight prob-I aint had a feature board as yet. Am up to 195 wins between the two slots!! Triggers fine on the £25 version. Has anyone else experienced this? Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release Jay
  5. Many thanks for the updated version Wizard. Cracking stuff. Jay
  6. Truly amazing. And loaded up straight away with no probs! Just gota start yet again from scratch with all the layouts as my other laptop remains in a semi redundant status!! Many thanks to everyone involved with this new and exciting chapter in fruit emulation. Jay
  7. Cracking release Do love a good clubber. Many thanks Reg. Jay
  8. Cracking stuff Dave Hope you had a great Xmas and all the best for the new year, Jay
  9. Cracking stuff Dave. One I play a lot on the emu-can't beat a good 80's/90's slot. Many thanks Jay
  10. Cracking stuff Dave And great to see this in it's full restored glory. I would say this is a new release rather than a re-release. Much appreciated all the hard work that has gone into the release of this slot,post and pre it's releases. Jay
  11. Cracking stuff Dave. Defo one of my fav's in the arcade,long gone now but thankfully preserved thanks to you and the amazing emulator. Many thanks Jay
  12. Cracking stuff Was patiently awaiting the update of this very playable slot. Many thanks Dave Jay
  13. Smashing. Always loved this and Frogger in the arcades-those were great days. Many thanks Dave. Jay
  14. Smashing Dave. Takes me back to my early slotting days!! Jay
  15. Smashing. Still a fair few of these around on 10p/£5. Many thanks Reg Jay
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