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  1. Fantastic dx and release Vectra,of a slot ive never seen before. So real look forward to giving it a bash. Looks very similar to JPM'S Roller Coaster. Many thanks Jay
  2. Fantastic release Vectra. Looks amazing-these must be a new line of club slots,as never seen or played a 400 jackpot slot. Many thanks Jay
  3. Fantastic release Vectra Many thanks to all involved in it's making. Jay
  4. Cracking release Dave. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  5. Cracking releases Vectra. Many thanks to all involved with the releases. Jay
  6. Cracking release Vectra. Slots I would never attempt to play in the arcades!-as I have heard too many nightmare tales!! Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  7. Fantastic release. Would be great to here the slot paying out. Can the payout sounds be emulated on these early slots. Brings back a lot of fond memories. Many thanks to all involved with a dynamite release. Jay
  8. Fantastic release Tommy. Only ever played this on 6quid/8quid token jackpot. Interesting that there was a 10quid version. Many thanks for a cracking release Jay
  9. Great stuff Dave Remember this very well in my dads local wmc. Many thanks Jay
  10. Correcting part of my previous reply! You can change this to 25 by ticking the s door and the bdoor under the notes when the layout is loaded. Then click configuration and change the prize to 25 quid. Untick the s door and the b door,and then wait for the slot to reset it will now play as 25quid/30p play. I only just read the reply stating we had the 25 roms. Many thanks Jay
  11. I must admit the slot did play better (in the arcades),set on 25 quid/30p. There are a few barcrests that we have emulated that sadly we don't have the 25 roms for. One that springs to mind is the original Monty Python slot-another cracking game,with a unique sound package.-Currently the only one released is set at 30p/15 quid. *Sorry my 3 key is missing on the top row of my laptop, so I can't put in the pound sign in lol!!* This takes nothing away from the release made Tommy(which is amazing) nor does it from previous emulation releases,it's just a desired preference but hopefully the roms will turn up one day. Jay
  12. Stunning Tommy. Many thanks to all involved with the release. Jay
  13. Three cracking releases mate. Never knew there was a 25quid version of this. look forward to giving them all a bash. Many thanks to all involved with the trio of releases. Jay
  14. Smashing release Dave. Many thanks Jay
  15. Looks amazing. Just never a collection of slots that entertained me. Still great to add yet another classic to the collection. Many thanks to all involved with it's creation. Jay
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