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    80's arcade games

    Cheers for posting this! I used to love this game too but couldn't think what it was called. I've already given it a blast on MAME. Other games I loved were Track and field (played one of these for real a few months back), Mr Do (still play this regularly on MAME), Hyper Sports, Super Pang, Rally X, GORF and loads more.
  2. lufc26

    The ZX Spectrum was better then C64

    ZXSpectrum for me. Most of my friends at school had a speccy, not many had the c64. You could end up with a huge library of games through trading and copying games. Some of the games were extremely playable (Ant Attack, Attic Attack, Sabre wulf (only played this a few days ago!) Jet Set Willy and loads more!) Oh and Starquake one of my all time favourite games. They were also some terrible games too! Especially a lot of them you typed in from magazines (all that typing and you would only play them once!)
  3. lufc26

    Hot Shot

    Thank you!
  4. lufc26

    Red Hot Fever

    Just given this a good play. It eats your money so quickly on max stake and it is so dull. Also the meters take ages to catch up so you have to wait to see what you have won in a session. Thanks again for this but I can't see me playing this very often.
  5. lufc26

    Powerball DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    Thanks for this!
  6. lufc26

    Bear Streak DX - Coinworld - Proconn

    Thank you! Looks fantastic!
  7. lufc26

    Subbuteo DX - Maygay - Epoch

    Not played this before. Thanks a lot!
  8. lufc26

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Really enjoying these videos. I didn't have a clue about emptiers and forcing back in the day. So I lost loads! Luckily I can try them out for free now. Keep up the good work!
  9. Here is a happy ram and gam for Crown Jewels £200 club machine. It is jackpot ready but wont be as easy as Viva Rock Vegas to achieve. It may take £60+ to drop. Thanks again to Wizard for the auto play feature and Reg for the idea and explaining how it works. There are a couple of layouts for this game at fruit emu but I don't know who created them. CrownJewelsClubHappy.7z
  10. lufc26

    Rich & Famous Dx

  11. lufc26

    Winner Takes All Dx

    Thank you very much!
  12. lufc26

    Silver Classic DX - PCP - MPS2

    Thank you!
  13. lufc26

    Red Hot Fever

    Cheers Reg!
  14. Here is a Happy gam and ram for Viva Rock Vegas £1000. It should drop quickly, within £50 tops sometimes on the first good feature. Thanks to Auto play (Big thanks to Wizard and Reg for this), I could leave it running. It is probably too happy because there is plenty of after play (I tried to push for another jackpot but it wasn't having it) I hope I've uploaded it properly and have included the correct files. I was using Vectras 1024 layout to play it on. VivaRockVegasHappy.7z