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  1. AK45

    Club Xtra

    thankyou reg as always you keep rolling these superb classics out for us
  2. AK45

    Going Ape - £35

    thankyou reg the classics are great !!
  3. AK45

    Night Fever

    Big thankyou reg for the continuos classic releases they are amazing and appreciated very much
  4. AK45

    Going Ape - £70

    thankyou reg for the classic release and the update
  5. thankyou very much for releasing these incredible layouts they are fantastic
  6. Thankyou Richy for an amazing release
  7. Thankyou vectra666 for another outstanding release
  8. Thankyou tommy for another fantastic release
  9. thankyou vectra666 for another outstanding release
  10. AK45

    Rat Race

    thankyou reg for all the time and effort put into these great classic layouts
  11. Hi Guys what would be the percentage of jackpot payouts for £6 machines compared to £15 machines and then onto the club machines like £250 £500 jackpots ,i have been throwing money through a few machines in mfme 6.1 (amazing emulator) like club vegas with a £200 jackpot to which i have never had a jackpot on after many £s normally £50 or £75 per session through the machine and also club monopoly £250 with the same results so what im asking really is i know the percentages to say £6 to £15 would be a similar win percentage with jackpots paying out 4,5 or even 6 times a session but when moving onto the club machines the percentage to hitting the jackpot must be very low ? so is it based on how much money goes through the machine the same as the lower jackpots with an additional lower win percentage for the higher jackpots of the club machines or any £100+ machines ? Cheers
  12. thankyou reg for the classic layouts they are great
  13. thankyou reg for a great machine and an excellent release to start off 2019
  14. AK45

    The Vault

    thankyou reg for continuing to release these excellent machines it is very much appreciated
  15. AK45

    Nudge Nudge

    Thankyou cliffc thats a lot of information and also a great read from the link you posted
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