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  1. Amazing! thankyou vectra666 for this great machine
  2. Thankyou Tommy yet another double awesome given
  3. Thankyou clo06 for a great classic release
  4. Thankyou Tommy for another great release that will give hours of grumbling when i mess up the gamble
  5. thankyou vectra for all the releases you do which are amazing
  6. Thankyou Vectra666 for yet another great release
  7. Outstanding Tommy and yes another double awesome given
  8. thankyou for a great release, Its got a double awesome
  9. Excellent machine Tommy and a huge thankyou for all the time and effort you put into these amazing creations
  10. a big thankyou Tommy for another crackin release
  11. awesome looking machine and very fitting for this time of the year ,thankyou for a great release
  12. thankyou vectra666 you got a double awesome from me (one on each page)
  13. Thankyou Tommy This Machine is superb
  14. Thankyou guys for the help you are the best
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