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  1. The games were ace, but the tokens were a rip off and a guaranteed income for the owners. You had to put them back in as they were useless to the player.
  2. Thanks for the layouts Pook, your hard work will be rewarded with good playing session of your layouts, thanks again. K.S.
  3. Yes, but you then have to also change the transformer and as I am not very good at this type of thing, I would rather just get another cathode. Many thanks.
  4. Hi, does anyone know apart from magi magi and e service, or have for that matter a 14" 12v CCFL Cathode tube for the belly door of my MPU5 T7 for sale, or any clue where I could get one from. I have tried ebay and they are all small for cars and from China and Hong Kong etc..... Does not affect the machine, but would be good for when I come to sell. I'm still thinking of getting rid while I can still get a reasonable amount for the machine. Thanks. K.S.
  5. Sheer wizard dree!!! love this machine, nice layout Pook
  6. Boing!! Awesome Pook, thanx
  7. Many thanx pookoss, one of my all time retro favorites......50p repeat boom!!! Blue Streak also it's sister machine 5*** bud!!
  8. Dad did a version of Volcano, which worked flawlessly, although the sounds were a little messed up, head over to dads fme or fruit emu to grab a download of this I think, graphics and layout are about 8 out of 10, considering the resourses and the availability of the roms etc, I'd say this is a good attempt and a credible layout, although will not be applicable to the latest emulator mfme 6.0.
  9. Now purchased from E Service. Solved thanks.
  10. T7 collect and transfer buttons. Same as illustrated.....please see pics. Does anyone have any spares that they could sell me, my two buttons are broken. (help button ok) Thanks.
  11. Awesome Pook, gonna give this a whirl for sure. K.S.
  12. Wow! only 12 miles from where I live.....lol....happy holidays, welcome back Reg
  13. Wow, I was just about to faint at the prospect and joy of playing oxo super reels on mfme....how amazing would that be??? Like playing party time arena on mfme for the first time simply ace
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