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  1. Thankyou for the update
  2. MrPillze


    This name came from a flash cartoon called illwillpress and is a over medicated squirrel that i used to enjoy watching . other nick is neophyte and that is someone that is new to something.
  3. being a tournament pool player for years attracts me to this theme! thanks alot
  4. make of the laptop does not matter the specs is what actually matters if you list them then maybe more help can be given. (drivers to try etc) check your temps too as older laptops can be full of dust and roast themselves also try closing down some of the running tasks if you have alot running and try again to avoid software conflicts.
  5. MrPillze

    MFME Emulator

    You are better off asking the author of said layout or reading some of the layout fix threads on here and fruit emu. You will then probably work out how to fix the layout yourself. It’s not a question for wizard really although he will know how to fix it Also could you answer my question in the James Bond thread please.
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