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  1. Thanks for the updates wizard.
  2. Thanks alot for your effort with this guys, really appreciated and i think great for the scene and thankyou for your collection habits geddy
  3. Nice! theres so many flat scorp 4 layouts that need this treatment obviously not asking for them but yea. Thanks alot
  4. would be really nice if another site were to be populated with all the layouts, having some in just one place puts them at risk. the section here is coming on strong and i feel it should probably have access to all the old layouts too. a mammoth task to be sure but that's what we are left with, i know people have virtually everything on their harddrives but that's not a great answer as people suddenly disappear and it would take alot of time to request and upload, but then there is layouts that leave the mind and are forgotten but are still awesome. Hosting politics is an issue with regards to author permission etc but i'm sure if any of the authors cared for the scene at all they would also want all layouts preserving no mater where it was and if they don't well imo that's abit sour. Hope we can come out of this with both sites still alive and all layouts put in some sort of decent order atleast we are not uploading with 56k anymore!
  5. Thanks for the update wizard, updater worked nicely, couple of days late to notice not like me at all!
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