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  1. pete_w

    October 2018 Crash

    Apologies to all and many thanks to Reg for his patience on this one.
  2. the dns on those sites reverted back to the previous server. should now be updated.
  3. I've not got round to putting it back up yet - FME Archive is planned but will take a bit of work now to update it to a modern forums version so will have to wait a while
  4. I'll get these reset for you later today and pm you on here
  5. fruit-emu and dads should be back up as soon as your dns has updated
  6. should be back in an hour or so, unfortunately we have lost all the videos from the video section {due to database issues) and of course there is no arcade for v4 but apart from that all is looking good so far.
  7. I am having major issues upgrading the database to the new IPB, mainly due to a couple of bugs in the upgrader and the fact the database is 18 years old and needed a little tlc. IPB have assured me that they have fixed the issues so will be attempting to upgrade it again this weekend. I have already fixed the database issues.
  8. Site has now been moved to the new server. Now running Debian 9 and PHP 7 etc. Please let us know if any issues
  9. Still didn't need to reboot though lol
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