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  1. I thought all the rooms were missing for this. I would have started a mute classic for it as I do enjoy this machine.
  2. View File Crazy Knights Here is Crazy Knights by Bellfruit, Multi stake, £70 Jackpot. There were no images or videos of this so I have tried to get it as near as I can. This could possibly be a failed test machine. I have to say a massive thank you to Reg, who without I would probably still be stuck on it. Thanks go to. Reg as mentioned for the help and sending me his classic as a guide to help. Tommy C for playtesting Wizard for his amazing emulator. If you require them I have included the Tahoma fonts in the zip file. Shortcuts are in the notes section of the emu. Please use MFME 6.1. Hope you enjoy. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 14/03/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  3. I'm sure the pictures what spa sent, were from a barn find that members of the mecca were involved in. Maybe ask on the mecca, as it might job someone's memory of it.
  4. View File Cops n Robbers Deluxe Here we have Cops 'n' Robbers Deluxe on the Scorp 1 tech. This is set on 10p play £6 Cash Jackpot, I have now added the £6 Token version to the download section. Turned out there was a few checkboxes missing causing it to block at £3. This has been on my and I think a few other members FME most wanted list. I wanted to play this from when I found FME, this is the rebuild version (or Red Version) as it is other wise known and IMO is the better one. This is a machine I have played in many arcades and would always be the first machine I went to. Thanks go to: Hitthesix for getting it into 10p play Tommy C for playtesting Pook for the reel images Wizard for his amazing emulator and getting this running. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy Please use MFME 6.1 Edited to add the £6 token version. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 23/02/19 Category Bell-Fruit
  5. I agree with Tommy and Reg, I think its up to the designer if they wish to lock the captions. A simple PM to the creator and an unlocked version could be sent. Which like mine sometimes have unused lamps.
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