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  1. Thank You, one of my favourite games.
  2. Well done to the FML artists, good to see new people having a go at layout creation.
  3. Thanks Gary, hope a decent flyer or image of this turns up so it can be DX'ed.
  4. View File Cluedo 70 Here is Cluedo 70 by mazooma set on a Triple stake and a £70 Jackpot. From playing it the Alibi is used to protect you from move back as far as I'm aware. The red Hi-Lo numbers are no lose also. There were no images or videos for reference so it's as close as I could imagine it to be. Thanks go to Wizard for playtesting and advice and for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy Please use MFME 6.1 Submitter andy-1 Submitted 06/05/19 Category Mazooma  
  5. Mr Ps used to have one of these machines, not sure if he still has it or not.
  6. To be fair it does give a good game, when testing I did have a good £50 streak out of it.
  7. View File Cluedo Super Sleuth Here is Cluedo Super Sleuth by QPS, this is set on £25 Jackpot duel stake. There was no pictures or videos to go by so I had to figure out the lamping positions and how it may have looked. but lucky enough it is similar to Club Cluedo by Mazooma that I did. This is possibly another failed test machine. Thanks go to: Tommy C for playtesting Wizard for his amazing emulator Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 6.1 Hope you enjoy. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 27/04/19 Category QPS  
  8. I was just lucky that I did the classic of Disco Crazy, this seems like the awp version under a different name. But it can be challenging to think how they might have looked.
  9. andy-1

    Jack Potty

    Thank You Reg
  10. View File Sharp Shooter Here is Sharp Shooter by Voodoo Games set on 25p Play £25 Jackpot. This is the same layout as Disco Crazy I did, but obviously this is an AWP version. Because we haven't the correct symbols I have decided to use the ones from Disco Crazy. There is no images or videos of this (or at least I couldn't find any) so it was guess work and probably lucky I done the other layout. Thanks go to: Dad for the Voodoo symbol used. Mavroz for the original symbols Wizard for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy. Please use the current emulator to play this. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 18/04/19 Category Voodoo Games  
  11. andy-1

    Football Crazy

    No worries vecs. The flyer you have is for the Scorp 4 machine.
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