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  1. Loved the SNES and got to say apart from the Mario's I loved Secret of Mana that game was epic, so much to do so many hours spent on there!
  2. no high res images for this, i started this orignally and passed over to Vec's to complete as not able to do many of these anymore. if there was better images im certain they would be used or an update would have been done by now. for what we had to work with this turned out to be a great release
  3. As always Mr C thanks for another epic layout Always loved these style of fruit machines
  4. Ignore my post, Andy-1 on FE has helped me answer this
  5. Hi All, I haven't made a DX for a while but wanted to get back into it, i tried to load the on and off images into the dx lamp creator but it just freezes and hangs i left it for an hour and nothing, any idea what could cause this to happen ? Many thanks for any help or information to sort this
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