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  1. what happend to this looks very good in the video
  2. Are they playable machines or just clones of other machines
  3. Are they any good we should be able to find 10 people put up £7 as long as someone agrees to dump them.
  4. Thanks must of taken ages to lamp can imagine this in an arcade with half the bulbs gone
  5. Thanks very interesting machine you actually want to get the features
  6. Italian Job 3 by Vectra666 in my opinion is the best dx ever made.
  7. Easily when Wizard decided to carry on with the emulator and put the past behind him which led to the scene being re-born.Best layouts would be the Spinx and pyramid being playable.Cashcade was another personal highlight for me as well as the bullseye games. Thanks to Wizard for everything you have done and continue to do. To Reg for making this a pleasant space to come to. To all the layout makers the amount of layouts that keeps coming is staggering. A big thank you and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020.
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