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  1. jabbathehut

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

    Bought it £18 inc postage .Hope its worth it.Got a free pdf book off the website which was quite interesting though nothing to do with buying the annual.
  2. jabbathehut

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

    Is this in wh Smith's or only to buy online
  3. jabbathehut

    Football Crazy

    Thanks for this .
  4. jabbathehut

    Pit Fall Wdx

    thanks for this . Was a controversial release when it first came out many years ago.
  5. jabbathehut

    Ten Up DX - BFM - Electro Mechanical

    what i want to know is where my change is lol
  6. jabbathehut

    Ten Up DX - BFM - Electro Mechanical

    Thanks quite magical .
  7. jabbathehut

    D.N.A Red Gaming Wdx

    thanks for this
  8. anyway you can play it on the pub fruits app if you are that desperate to play it.
  9. jabbathehut

    That's all folks!

    Thank you for all the updates.Love the way they are maximised for shift f3 full screen goodness.
  10. jabbathehut

    Extreme Gaming Jail Birds Wdx

    thanks for this
  11. jabbathehut

    Fruit Chaser DX - JPM - SYS80

    Thanks for this one and all the updates of the last few months .Is that the last of the updates
  12. jabbathehut

    Club Bullseye £250 Dx

    thanks for this looks fantastic
  13. jabbathehut

    Barquest £10 Swp - Dx

    even if you had the answers in front of you the clock would eventually become too fast to get the answer.
  14. jabbathehut

    Barquest £10 Swp - Dx

    2 bars my best so far.