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  1. Procraaaaastinaaaation. Still here. Sorry folks.
  2. Understandable. I figured they we're just bots getting through the current security captcha/question, heh. Glad to see you guys are on it!
  3. Yikes! Getting spam via PM over at Fruit-Emu. Just a heads up for anyone with accounts on both sites, don't follow these links or respond to these accounts:
  4. Howdy! Thanks for the feedback. If I did do it though It'd be the reverse. Since these are drawn from scratch, skewing it first would make life harder. If anything, you'd finish the entire artwork (both dark and light versions for the lights to work), THEN skew it outward before importing it to MFME. Doing it beforehand makes it harder to draw the parts at the top of the skew and also permanently skews the image (if you straiten it after that, it wouldn't look right and would have resampling). The same resampling problem happens the other way too though. If I skew the final artwork, it'll lose some resolution in the progress. So basically it comes down to what my overall goal is. If it's about remaking the original artwork in high fidelity in a way that can be used for other purposes outside of MFME (like Reg said, you could in theory print these onto glass and use them on real cabinets), then this is the method that has the greater flexibility for the source files. It also makes it harder to come back and change mistakes once they've been adjusted for perspective. That said, if it's JUST about making a 2D replica, then I'd go the other route. Outside of the technical reasons though, the reason I personally prefer the flat versions, is that I view my computer as the cabinet. Simulating the dimensions of a real cabinet on my screen without a 3D model or VR just makes the details hard to read since you can't actually lean forward or look at it from straight down. With a real cabinet, the bottom is skewed so that when you look down, the angle is pointed flat at your face. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tl;dr: Aaaaaanyways. I know it's a popular choice, so I definitely wont rule it out in the future when I finish it. I've given it some thought before. When both of my Simpson layouts are completed and there are no percievable things to change or adjust, and it's been out there for a while working as it should, then I might revisit both templates and make skewed variants for those that prefer this style :-). Thanks again for the thoughts!
  5. D'ohmer Simpson is colored now! Here's a shot of him in his new home.
  6. He's reminding me of those old Homer Simpson 'soap-on-a-rope' things at the moment.
  7. Oh hey! Absolutely not, heh! Photoshop projects like this often make me roll my eyes to think about after a while. It's that thing where when I'm in the zone after starting the project, I can keep picking it up fairly regularly. But if I take a break from it for too long, whenever I think about continuing it, all I think about is the mental image of: : Things like trying to remember what I was working on last, re-familiarizing myself with my shitty layer layout. Textbook procrastination I guess. That plus I suck at social media in general. I'm a member of a bunch of different forums/Discords for different modding projects and I find it hard to both contribute and also keep up appearances. Kinda like the Battlefront II mod that I posted about earlier in this thread. I almost never post in their community either unless I'm actively working on or updating something. Anyways, whenever this is done, I'll definitely post it over at Fruit-Emu too! I've pretty much just moved almost all my updates to this forum to avoid the random stuff that happened the first time. I'm not worried about it or anything, but I don't like to rub people up the wrong way, and they have a pretty tight-knit community (that I don't want to really get in the way of), so it seemed for the best overall.
  8. Have some free time, so FINALLY working on it a bit more. Making the arrows that form the path for the center.
  9. Been meaning to leave a message here for a while now. I forget if I mentioned, but I went back to the UK for 3 months in the Summer, and that completely threw me out of my 'constant-working-on-this-project' groove. Then when I got back I just never had the drive to get heavily back into finishing it. I still have everything where I left off, and I will definitely come back to it. I just wanted to apologize to anyone following this that I just haven't had the drive to continue it yet, since once you get involved it demands all my attention. Long story short; I'll continue it I promise!
  10. Sorry for being so lax on this again folks! Another project consumed my time. I've recently been re-texturing Darth Vader in DICE's Battlefront II on PC at 4K resolution texture files (and also playing with the third-party tool called "Cinematic Tools" to film it with! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keFQ3fEwAQs I should hopefully be able to get back to this soon. If I don't get stuff done this month though I'll be out of the country for just under three months, so I wont have access to my files until then.
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