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  1. nails

    Ten Out Of Ten Wdx

    An old Barcrest classic this one, any info on its release ?!?!
  2. nails

    Club Snakes & Ladders £500jp Dx

    thanks to all for this one shit 30p stake!!! dont suppose theres a happy RAM ?????!?!
  3. nails

    Show Time

    no Reg, it was the £25 version - way back when!
  4. nails

    Show Time

    had a quick fire up and noticed (apart from a great layout Reg) that the background music on the feature was different. Do you recon this or the test machine i played was a different ROM ?
  5. nails

    Show Time

    i played this on test many many years ago, will be a pleasure to give it a bash again!
  6. nails

    MFME Development

    only too well Wizard, i was made redundant 2 twice in 5 years, making 3 times in my life. just when you think your getting somewhere somebody bulls the plug.
  7. nails

    MFME Development

    on some machines i want to eliminate the top and the bottom of the cabinet (when im on the laptop)
  8. nails

    MFME Development

    tried a simple right click but no joy ?
  9. nails

    MFME Development

    In ergards to MFME development, is or will there be a zoom tool? to remove the top and bottom border.
  10. nails

    Club C&R Platinum

    Well done!
  11. nails

    Coming Soon Requests

    how about an updated club cops and robbers ?
  12. no, i assumed REG was releasing two layouts - hence the title "The Next Two Releases - Please Vote !"
  13. Couldnt see the option for the 2nd release? stick me down for the prize is right 70 !! thanks
  14. nails

    Winner Takes All + Rich N Famous Dx's

    guys, i would like to look for some barcrest roms (well £3 fortune numbers to be exact). could you tell me which are the best places to look? Gary
  15. nope, its the real thing from concept games in the days of section16. based an a maximum of £25 per win line. Concept did come forward to help release this a few years ago, sadly with a different sound set.