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  1. Frenzy - Running early V0.3 ROMs

    well.... what is it ? or have you made a vid??
  2. Razzle Dazzle DX

    great one - will boot up now!
  3. Chatbox

    well, whoever had the idea of a makeover it looks great!
  4. fruit-emu

    thanks for the replies guys, hope he gets well soon - that man flu's a bastard! (on a serious note i did speak with him last month and yes he was in a bad way)
  5. fruit-emu

    sorry if this is the wrong section but i could see a general area. Whats going on with the forums, their all over the show? I did read Pete W was going to have a look but that was it. To me a simple restore from the backup should surfice? Is Alex still unwell? hope hes on the mend. Gary
  6. Welcome to DX'Cellent

    thats the one pook
  7. Welcome to DX'Cellent

    Pook, any chance of you tacking Barcrest's Razzle Dazzle ?
  8. MFME: Future Releases

    sorry i missed the vote, would have voted pink panther.
  9. Time is Running Out !!!

    All done a few days ago
  10. Monopoly - Boom or Bust

    thanks Reg, never played this. looks crisp and clean.