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  1. nails

    Club C&R Platinum

    Well done!
  2. nails

    Coming Soon Requests

    how about an updated club cops and robbers ?
  3. no, i assumed REG was releasing two layouts - hence the title "The Next Two Releases - Please Vote !"
  4. Couldnt see the option for the 2nd release? stick me down for the prize is right 70 !! thanks
  5. nails

    Winner Takes All + Rich N Famous Dx's

    guys, i would like to look for some barcrest roms (well £3 fortune numbers to be exact). could you tell me which are the best places to look? Gary
  6. nope, its the real thing from concept games in the days of section16. based an a maximum of £25 per win line. Concept did come forward to help release this a few years ago, sadly with a different sound set.
  7. nails

    Welcome to DX'Cellent

    just wanted to report back, all good and working. i`ll try this method with the like of strike a light and also search what the machines from that era (like big game) are available. thank you for the guide, it was spot on sir!
  8. nails

    Welcome to DX'Cellent

    pook/wizard - ive noticed some slots (like the fortune numbers by wayfinder) that when you put a coin in (mfme6.1) you get an alarm. is that something i can correct, or down to the creators?
  9. nails


    sadly i dont speak chav so cannot translate into plain English.
  10. nails

    Frenzy - Running early V0.3 ROMs

    well.... what is it ? or have you made a vid??