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  1. Safari club the first release then we vote on the second release (1st June) if I read it correctly 😉 EDIT: unless you meant you can't actually see the vote thingamybob, then my bad, first day off in a week, brains not with it lol They all look good, will do coin flips to choose me'thinks ... show time wins by a head , Nice one Reg
  2. eagle64

    Powerball DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    it was a naturally dark machine, kind of added to the atmosphere I felt, possibly what attracted me to it in the first place.... the "serious" players stayed away so you had more chance of getting it in a happy mood once or twice a week.... many a free lunch and a couple of coffee's for my lunch hour over at "atlantis" in Bromley for a good 18 months.
  3. eagle64

    Powerball DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    I played this more than any other fruity but you have me stumped on this one..... it was a VERY DARK machine,so it is possible that it does only light up the powerball logo during a board. I'm pretty sure the "surround" was blue as well, but that might just be my failing memory lol and to be honest what you have done looks stunning. This was the machine that got me looking into the mfme scene in the first place, from the shots so far, it looks like it was worth the wait, cheers Pook ,
  4. eagle64

    Take the Piece(s) £25/£35 Dx's

    Cheers for this MATE , I will CHECK the £25 version after I've played the £35 version... sorry about the ROOKie humour, last one for to(K)NIGHT, promise. Sorry, it had to be done lol Thanks again Vecs for another sterling dx
  5. eagle64

    Powerball DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    when it was in a good mood it was in a GOOD mood, when it wasn't it was a complete BA***RD... usually when you exchanged into the feature it would let you know it was going to kill you straight away by showing 3 single bars on and above the win line in varying formations. The best way to get the jackpot was getting a jackpot symbol in view and going for the 5alive feature if I remember correctly.
  6. eagle64

    Ten Ten Do It Again DX - Barcrest - MPU4

    Cheers, nice one, thank you
  7. eagle64

    Manic Street Features DX - Vivid - MPU5

    cheers for this Pook
  8. eagle64

    The Streak DX - BWB - MPU4

    Crystal rooms still there, was surprised with all the "gentrification/sanitising/chain effect" going on at leccy square, but I notice on the website it closes at 5pm 6 days a week.. I walk past it all the time and never get the urge to go back in luckily. Was the one in lewisham next to the clock tower, think I went in once, but that really was a scary place (albanian or turkish billiard hall above that row of shops, was warned to stay away by some of my fellow workers in the lewisham center in case i got caught in the cross fire of a gangland feud.. ) Although I;m back in London now, I still have half a house in Blackpool, and believe me, the whole place it's dire most of the year, but it will not "open" till easter weekend.... it hasn't helped the train line from preston to blackpool is closed for upgrade work at the moment.
  9. eagle64

    The Streak DX - BWB - MPU4

    the crystal rooms, scary place in the 80's/90's, robbed several times in there and nearly fell into the clutches of naughty people a few times.... as an older person now I can't believe I risked that place just to gamble (only ever went when I was banned or to young to play everywhere else in South London).