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  1. Another trip down memory lane - thanks ever so much for this Dave it looks great!
  2. Oh WOW! Thanks ever so much for this Dave - I remember this machine well and you've done a fantastic job on it by the looks of it. This will keep me amused for many an hour. Fantastic work!
  3. Fantastic, I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Fair play to your dedication Dave - very impressive!
  4. Brilliant - thanks a lot guys, much appreciated!
  5. Brilliant, thanks a lot for this Dave it looks fantastic! Is this any good for a force for the JP? Fancy giving it a go...
  6. Hi chaps, Maybe some of you well-educated gents could point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a layout of Barcrest's Gold Rush (you know, the one with red and gold cherries as well as blue and gold bars) there was also a symbol on the middle reel that gave one of four "gold" features. I've seen there is a 30p/£25 DX (by Vampuk I believe) but it has that "showtime" feature on the top. The version i remember playing was 25p/£15 but no showtime feature. Does anyone know if this is available anywhere? I've looked but no luck so far. Any help much appreciated. :) Thanks
  7. Wonderful, thanks a lot Chris.
  8. Excellent stuff thanks a lot!
  9. Brilliant, thanks for this updated release Dave. A machine I really used to enjoy playing over the years. Would love to own the real thing but have never seen one for sale. This will keep me going in the meantime.
  10. Looks fantastic Dave, thanks ever so much for making me aware of this layout. I'll have to keep me eyes open a bit more from now on!
  11. Another mental streaker if you caught it right. Thanks a lot for the upgrade.
  12. Great machine with a mental streak! Thanks for the update.
  13. Wonderful, thanks a lot for this upgrade!
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