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  1. Wonderful, thanks a lot Chris.
  2. Excellent stuff thanks a lot!
  3. Brilliant, thanks for this updated release Dave. A machine I really used to enjoy playing over the years. Would love to own the real thing but have never seen one for sale. This will keep me going in the meantime.
  4. Looks fantastic Dave, thanks ever so much for making me aware of this layout. I'll have to keep me eyes open a bit more from now on!
  5. Another mental streaker if you caught it right. Thanks a lot for the upgrade.
  6. Great machine with a mental streak! Thanks for the update.
  7. Wonderful, thanks a lot for this upgrade!
  8. Thanks Dave, one of my favorite lo-tech machines.
  9. Looks amazing, thanks very much for this Dave.
  10. Wonderful, really enjoyed these old MMM machines. Thanks Reg
  11. Quality release, thanks Tommy! Did this machine actually have 50 different hidden features or am I imagining it?
  12. Wonderful, fantastic updates of two great machines! Thanks very much for these Dave.
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