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  1. Thanks as always for your amazing work.
  2. A quality product Vecs, keep up the good work mate. Ricardo (This message was sent from my Secret Bunker)
  3. Thanks Vecs, I will look forward to playing this in my Secret Nuclear Bunker, stocked up with toilet rolls and Tena Lady !!!!!
  4. A BIG thank you from Ricardo. TC, hope you are well m8 ???
  5. Thanks Vecs, always a pleasure never a chore. Hope you and the family are well !!! Regards RDP.
  6. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all members of this site and their families.
  7. Ha Ha ha !!! In full 3D Vectravision, a Vectra666 Production. Yes i like it , I like it and why not. Thanks Vecs for the release and your constant support of the MFME Scene. Take care mate. R.D.P.
  8. Yes another quality release from Tommy C. Many many thanks mate.
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