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    Newbie needs help

    ok perfect now i understand the point. I downloaded a game in the Layout RAM+GAM Files Section and in the zip was only a .gam+.ram so this was the reason Thx a lot for help and wish youa chilled sunday
  2. Alupo

    Newbie needs help

    Hello Pluto5, ok i done Update, i Set Main Game Folder and put in this Folder the. .gam + .ram in. When i Scan all he finds 1 File, but nothing is listed so where is my error?
  3. Hi, i am new in this forum and need a bit advice. I searched already but could not find a post where i get an instruction how to use MFME. So i donwloaded the Emulator and installed it. Then downloded a .game and a .ram. So what is next. Where i have to put this file? and how i can start and emulation? Thanks forward for help Sincerely Antonio
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