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  1. Bellend award can I have one, a gold one,cause I'm a prize knob head sometimes
  2. Are you for real social aka meme3 no1 stoney is a proper layout creator who has given us excellent layouts, far better than you've given us so far that is just insulting to him to the max, you should be ashamed of yourself. take a look in the mirror and ask think to yourself "enjoy that DIF membership while you can, socialdragon aka meme3"
  3. shame as it is on mpu4 machines are you sure? As it was a different button? the reels judder upwards before spinning although it doesn’t show as the lamping looked poop on classic club
  4. Looks mint are you keeping the pull handle and does it emulated in this tech?
  5. Ahh thanks for clearing that up, this must be the monopoly deluxe version as apposed to the Monopoly triple ROMs, I'll get tomorrow and test the difference.
  6. Thanks for this, what's the difference between this blue version and the red version I did a while back? Is it a different rom version or just a different looking machine?
  7. they appear to be all the same, basically like a dond force,force £100 out repeat!! but nice to see them making an entrance and they're more colourful than dond's without noels smug face lol trying to dx cash encounters soon
  8. View File Alice Through the Looking Glass £100 Dx Next dx in Reflex's fairy tale franchise is the 2nd installment of Alice in wonderland, this time she's going through the looking glass, Thanks goto Matty N for the classic layout this is based on Nickyerpesos for the Roms Matty N for the glass/ flyer art used eBay for the green cabinet the flyer's placed in. Reg for the original Reflex symbols which i've now modified with a black background and the set can be found within the reel bands downloads section shortcuts are listed within the notes on opening the game Plays in MFME V19.6 or above Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 13/10/19 Category Reflex
  9. View File Astra's Big 15 - £15 Dx Layout now with correct £2 decal thanks to Amusments for sourcing the correct font to remake the £2 also added big 15 jackpot symbols to the top cash tiers lamps now blended around the machine edges to not sure if the original machine would say BIG10 or Big15 on the top logo? as no images around for this jackpot level. Plays in Mfme 19.6+ only Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 11/10/19 Category Astra  
  10. Ok no need to shout, as for the ROMs banditboy, if you have them upload them?
  11. Thank you, once again I say thank you where do you find the time for all these
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