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  1. View File Cloud 999 £4.80 Dx's Next up is this old skool favourite of retro players up and down the country, Cloud 999. In the Zip file is two versions, a lamps blended and a lamps Un-blended version. I've added both if the blended version runs too slow on your pc then the un-blended one is quicker. On the Blended version you may notice a few lamps and the first reel "jump" slightly, this is cured in mfme v19 same goes for the speed due to the blended lamps it may run slower in v6.1 but again it's vastly improved when v19 is released. Now the Thanks Firstly to Kriss for the original 1280dx version used for the majority of lamping positions A Big thankyou to Line Up Chris via the Mecca for uploading Hi Quality photos of the reel symbols, its thanks to these guys who own the older or any machines for giving us the images/roms for these classic machines Finally to Richy1976 who has help greatly with the blended lamps around the cabinet edges form id'ing various lamps to adding the correct masks to them, and adding coin in/out effects. Shortcuts are as standard. So Finally Enjoy it like its the 90's and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 15/06/19 Category Barcrest  
  2. This might be why my old bfm jumping jack flash £8 token pdx never pays jackpot or at least never gives IM boards
  3. I'm sure I did on the v6.1 version, I have too many versions of this now lol
  4. not on my shittop lol well it has slightly in v19 but i can make do with the standard version, as for the fully lamped version i like to give members the fullest version available, although there is still a few lamps left out on the crazy fruits logo
  5. i have added the reduced sized layout to the initial post (which i think shouldn't be there, change if needed) can members let us know if its improved speed wise!!
  6. reduced the layout size and it runs a lot faster, but when i unpacked the lamps the logo etc "jumps" slightly in mfme6.1 it does but just tried it in mfme v19 and it's perfect, although i can't release that edition yet!
  7. What is the actual difference between packed and unpacked blended lamps? So as Tommy states if I reduce the size of this layout from 1500H to say 1100 would it speed things up with the blended lamps? Just an idea , in the mfme update could you make the blended lamps already unpacked.
  8. Its very, very slow on mine in v19 but that's due to my laptop speed , the dimming of the lamps on the feature is what causes the slow down like the classic sevens layout I did.
  9. here's a bigger "bell" symbol to match the others in width if needed BELL.zip
  10. Looks good in attract mode though but unplayable otherwise, which is a shame. Also if wizard reads this topic can the dot matrix thingy on the bank be made bigger in the next mfme update as you'll see this is as large as it goes atm and doesn't fully cover the entire bank section.
  11. View File 'Classic' Crazy Fruits £5 Dx's ONLY DOWNLOAD THE (FULLY LAMPED ) VERSION IF YOUR PC IS TOP END AS THIS VERSION WILL SLOW DOWN SEVERELY DUE TO MULTI-BLENDED LAMPS!!!!!! IF YOU'VE A SHITTY LAPTOP LIKE ME (LOL) DOWNLOAD THE STANDARD VERSION!!! I Have remade the fully lamped version about a 3/4 of the size of the original layout, and it dos speed things up a little, as for the blended lamps on the v6.1 edition you may notice a slight "jump" in the lamps this is eliminated in the mfme update, try it and let us know if its good speed wise Next up is a different version of the well known crazy fruits in terms of payoutsThanks goto Hitthesix and Richy1976 for layout set up'sShortcuts are as normal 10p = 9 and the slot is on the left hand side of the standard £1 one Plays in Mfme6.1 + Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Classic Crazy Fruits (Fully Lamped) £5 Dx v6.1.zip Submitter vectra666 Submitted 02/06/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  12. Up yer riggin clubber £1.00 start we're currently missing the sound ROMs for this The machines art looks faded in the sunlight https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/fruit-machine/202688167473?hash=item2f3127fe31:g:9L0AAOSw06hc57v0
  13. Reflexs club pharaoh 1.00 start https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fruit-machine-spares-or-repair/192924423787?hash=item2ceb31166b:g:ROkAAOSwb5Zc5QTm
  14. Uh this machine has no red lamps only singly lit ones also for a dx this needs better reel symbols like the ones from my AWP dx of it, also I'm sure I've seen sound ROMs for this.
  15. great vid as usual chop, some machine's had some banging tunes on them in the late 90's/ early 2000's like other impulse's/red's of this era
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