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  1. looks spooky'tastic, do you have the font for the hi lo flexi reel? as i think its the same as i used on trick or treat 1024 layout https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/topic/47867-trick-or-treat-l5global-1024wdx/?hl=trick OneTwoPunchBB_reg.zip
  2. as said on another topic you can turn shite into gold looks great that does
  3. It’s actually mazooma games, if reg reads this can he change the machine tech it’s in please from qps to mazooma cheers
  4. As said before we can only make good releases like this with good resources , unless you’re pook as he can turn shit into gold even adds sprinkles on top lol so again big thanks must goto player for the resources that went into this
  5. View File Gold Diggers £35 Dx Next up is this Rarer Mazooma Machine Gold Diggers on a £35 Jackpot A feature trail game where the number overlays on the reels add to the trail, playing on a standard 30p a go or a "super" 50p play something i've been picking over since Social Dragon Aka Meme3 uploaded the roms asking for this to be emulated then along came Player via The Mecca and uploaded the image scan for this machine a week or so ago i gained all the ingredients needed to make this into a dx so thankyou to both of them, without members uploading resources like this there'd be no dx's Shortcuts listed within the notes Plays in MFME V19.8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 26/01/20 Category QPS
  6. Even better now complete thankyou for uploading the roms
  7. Coming early February a rare one called gold diggers not much about for this machine early thanks goto Social Dragon for the roms Player via the Mecca for the scans he uploaded recently the main problem i have is the blue/red text, not sure what to do about them all can anyone ID the font needed for those text's
  8. Happy Ram here, which is the same state as the released version bestofbritishclub_s5 (Happy Ram).zip
  9. View File Club Best of British £400 Dx Here's something for Brexit Week, Club Best of British, as the date shows it was to be released next friday (brexit day) but finished it earlier than planned It even says so on the sec meter Thanks Goto Innfection for the image given Reg for the Classic Layout which he left Jackpot ready, so this dx will drop the "mega streak" within £20 or so. i May do the Awp version at a later date Shortcuts listed within the notes Plays in MFME V19.8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 25/01/20 Category Reflex  
  10. Cheers for this, this is how you're supposed to do classic layouts.
  11. All my collection converted months back Might do the Awp version of this I did say to innfection I only like slots with fruits on the base but may make an exception in this case.
  12. Andy loves flo, red hot roll clone? that could do with a revamp
  13. oxo don't run i think and X factor thats Dads layout so good enough i think, i'll think of something for February, valentine themed one maybe lol
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