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  1. I wouldn't say it's amazing but ok. As said this was the last layout released for the older mfmes. I'm sure I've improved on this since with the reel lamps lined up with the reel symbols more. Blended the cash decal double lamps and added coin effects. I'll look laters and upload to here
  2. Have you the layout in question I could try with mine??
  3. Thanks a million for this Hats off to our dx monopoly winner!!!
  4. Can this be converted from amber to mfme?
  5. I may have converted it many moons back I made the mfme classics that came afters as wanted to play this and no artwork is available, the jpmemu version was too big for lappy so made the classic. Thanks should go to the original creator of it, great game too.
  6. the jpemu dx has been converted infection
  7. bucks fizz paparazzi Paparazzi Wdx.zip Club Bucks Fizz Dx 1024.zip
  8. Paparazzi is mfme,d a conversion although the top decals are incorrect Bucks fizz isn't that a clubber that's in mfme Not sure about pinball fever, clone of pinball Wizard but a higher jp?
  9. vectra666


    It wouldn't be duplu that made it, he only submitted it, I don't think duplu ever made a layout, but owned and ran the site well.
  10. vectra666


    Bars of gold I think is in classic form, cashcards that's a 2per if so there is a dx somewhere I think on the Mecca, it's one that could do with a major update iirc.
  11. funny you should reply to this as just made a start on pac-mania the dx
  12. thanks pook a mini layout compared to your last
  13. This is where I'm thick in the design department lol
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