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  1. dumb blonde moment from me again lol
  2. i actually have a decent flyer for this, so with your permission (reg) i may take it on?
  3. View File Jokers Wild £4 Dx Following on from Richy1976's excellent Hit the Six layout is another project machine in the form of Jokers Wild Thanks goto to Launton for images/reel symbols which was used in my original mini layout of this back in 2013, to members such as Ploggy, Tommy C, Captain Haddock for help with that layout Moving onto this bigger sized layout, to Richy1976 for adding the coin effects and final lamp numbering help Long Shot!! But if any one can help but we had a slight conflict with the lamp in the top letter "d" as it didn't seam to flash correctly so if anyone has this machine can they find the lamp number it uses. Shortcuts are as Standard Plays in Mfme 6.1+ Enjoy it all over Again and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 22/03/19 Category Project  
  4. A cracking layout and making great use of the lamp blending tools Five stars *****
  5. it should be a runner but afaik we've no roms for it
  6. The buttons are correct as they’re washing machines in design. dont think this is global maybe the cash door is
  7. Is it the same one the bandit had in his Sunday slot series of so and I was him I’d of seriously complained about it
  8. vectra666

    Night Fever

    its saturday time for some night fever!!! cheers reg
  9. Forgot to say thanks for this on here, I'll have to give these a proper play sometime. When you make or are involved in making a layout you never really get to play the machine at its fullness, maybe it's seeing the thing for endless hours puts you off playing it, but I'm sure I'll come back to this many times in the near future. Thanks again great job and I like your attention to detail, even the smallest thing on the real machine has to be created right via Photoshop if possible. Even the coin effects has to be done spot on lol.
  10. Unlimited nudges, nudge now/gamble nudges? Wouldn't these go somewhere where the nudges are?
  11. vectra666

    Club Xtra

    thankyou reg, just going to say got a flyer for this so maybe this could become a dx eventually
  12. Did you get a chance to find the £500 roms for this??
  13. View File Top Dollar £5 Dx Next up is this different Red gaming machine from the usual red green features and jewel type game is this one called Top Dollar this version is set on £5/10p/86%, hopefully Tommy C is working on the £25 version. Thanks goto Reg for the image he uploaded a while backSamson 81 for the flyer for the £25 edition and the dollar imageTommy C for pic ID help and pm'ing me the cut out dollar image used within the reel bands I've left the £25 rom within the layout so if you want to play this on that level swap the rom in the file ending with "K" with the rom within the layout ending in "D" then simply change the stake/jackpot level via configuration, obviously the cash decals will still be for the £5 version. Shortcuts are as normal Plays in MFME6.1+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 07/03/19 Category Red Gaming  
  14. look forward to it, will it be on this 2p setting or the same as the recent classic release
  15. that'll save me shoving £10k through it for the next three weeks lol
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