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  1. vectra666

    Fruit emu

    I am lol Site appears to work in tablet, not lapoy atm. I mentioned several times about their download\resources areas even offered my OCD services but nothing became of it. If I'd of been let loose in there , there'd be more sections than selections of coffee at Tesco, I mean who needs all those variants of coffee. One weak one medium and one keep you up all night strength.
  2. vectra666

    Fruit emu

    still not online here
  3. wait till you play it, it's as slow as a robin reliant with a slow puncture on the front wheel. At least when you get on the feature board things speed up a tad. into 2nd gear maybe
  4. vectra666

    Fruit emu

    wouldn't say that it just needs a kick up the arse but as Reg mentioned the owner "appears" to not give a shit about it anymore. As i've said before me and Ady had our differences in the past but at least as a admin he took care in his job, i was messaging him a while back on there about updating the various sections etc and apparently he still had his admin rights, whatever they were. but as reg states maybe one of the mods should be upgraded to admin to sort the site out, if not then maybe it could be time to call it a day on there, which is a shame as that site is one of the original fme sites
  5. View File Road to Riches (video) £70 Dx Following on from the club edition i did a while back here's its baby brother in a video/reel based forma. Thanks to Clo/Westy for the classic used for the lamping numbers eBay for the main image used and to innfection for images sent via pm from spa's drive thingy If you've a shitty laptop like me you'll notice it suffers slow downs when the reels spin this can be annoying but thats my fault for having a slower lappy, this happens on various Scorp5/adder5 layouts. if you've a super duper Pc then you should be fine,. Shortcuts are the same as the classic version(s) Play this in Mfme v19'8+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 12/12/19 Category Mazooma  
  6. vectra666

    Fruit emu

    well said reg, even though ypu've nt got much time atm you still maintain this site to its highest level and still comment on various topics. Even though you are the "boss"/ owner of this site you still make yourself part of the team which is what we're all about.
  7. I reckon either the cashpot goes to £100 or there's bells or something equating to £100
  8. here's what i'm working on maybe ready before christmas, original arts not the bets though
  9. there's also a £100 video version i saw a few times on jackpot bros visits to mr p's
  10. i see no roms for any of these versioNS??
  11. there is actually two variants of the cobra game crazy cobra and cobra cobana, crazy cobra the flyer aint to bad to b fair
  12. i've nothing in the pipeline although i have put feelers out for various machines including club roller coaster which i've just seen on youtube, but never say never something always turns up maybe a eBay image or three or a request. i do have about 10 Wips but no where near release and i need motivation to complete them
  13. i was interested in girls back in the 90's who wouldn't be when your in your teens/early 20's, trouble is the girls weren't interested in me lol as for friends well they were few and far between so the fruit machine became my "friend" unfortunately an expensive friend it became
  14. Not found nowt like you say, but there's plenty of these types under proconn in mfme 2.0 over fruit_emu. A lot of them use blue and red sevens for £2.40/£4.80 and some even have bars within. Talking of proconn I need to tidy up theme park and release it soon, it won't be as good as wearacity,s classics but playable none the less.
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