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  1. Wow £13k to build up the cashpot now that’s some stellar gameplay by theabbey! Kudos there!
  2. Weren’t these all really monopoly road to riches(think that’s what it was) clones rather than mental money monsters! Pretty sure that was the original had a video top screen version off it too! Not to take anything from the brilliant job you’re doing tho churning these out Tommy!
  3. They have? Haven’t they just made a load of new dond style analogues, on their twitter 16th of March or so saying dond beat the banker full retailer approvals. Tbf that could have been around on test for ages!
  4. Oh the memories lol! Honestly the £100jp killed any playability in machines and turned them into club machines! There again at least club machines paid the jp on a better frequency than the £100s do!
  5. Reflex used to (dunno if they still do) have an app with all their currentish games on there so they clearly don’t have an issue with it tbh! You could use the £5/10 free a day or pay them for a load of credits to use!!!
  6. Yeh precisely what I was saying, betcom games are all pretty much clones of each other! Reflex basically read £8-12 for a board it sometimes might let you have the dond game for £15 max or very occasional £25 if not it’s £4-5 blocked. Rinse and repeat Absolutely boring stuff to play on both counts! Neither i think ever put much thought into making games just the same tired programming as older games, must take the programmers/coders a matter of minutes to make the newest game!
  7. Does that mean all bfms can be emulated now seen as though they’ve packed up business? Guessing not, and even whether it would be possible, what scorpion are they upto now? 6/7? Reflex games all pretty much play the same poor stuff (£25 max win) and betcoms pretty much you play one newer style one, the rest are very much the same thing rebranded.
  8. This will be an interesting one to have a muck around on, was a billion of them about a year or so back!!!
  9. Must have been Uber rare this one, jumping jack cash etc clone never saw one in the wild!
  10. I dunno if it’s just a basic hilo trail for cash it would have so many hilos to win to get to £100, say £1-2-3-5-8-10-15-20-30-50-75-100. Put some feature exchanges next to some things and a random dond/super dond etc exchange at higher points. The EV of the random dond could be say £20 so put it at that point etc. The EV of the gamble trail with the fair hilo could be say £6-8, if it’s behind % then cost less to get onto it, ahead of % it could cost more to get onto it. Alternatively could say move the dond exchange lower down if it’s behind %. Whether they would want to try something different like this and go away from the standard cash/feature lapper board I doubt though. It would be somewhat harder to make a lapper style game with fair hilo reel. There was one instance of a random feature on a machine called Andy Capp, ages ago not the original old one and not the betcom newer one, you could gamble on a random dog race amongst other things on the feature board. Anyone remember it, thinking £70jp but might have been £35 also might have been on those Juice digital terminals.
  11. I don’t like this putting 2 machines on the view idea degsy! It’s not eye candy it’s just distracting!!! Good video nonetheless tho!
  12. Had a laugh playing this trying all sorts of funny ways of playing it! Nice to be able to try random styles out on betcoms! Got the £200 megastreak off phones which I’ve never had live!
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