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  1. bungle

    Football Crazy

    Many thanks Reg appreciated very much..
  2. bungle

    Mod Players

    hope its what you need reg and ur welcome
  3. bungle

    Mod Players

    meant to add this player for you Reg but i took too long and timed out coffee,smoke etc lol you could try this player which i find excellent. XMPLAY http://support.xmplay.com/
  4. bungle

    Mod Players

    Have used a lot of different mod players on the amiga but have trouble remembering their names now, but i do remember one called hippoplayer,Also used a music studio called octamed,don't know if anyone else remembers this,kept me amused for hours on end,never did master it properly,the same can be said for my life
  5. bungle

    The MegaDrive

    My Megadrive fave games would be sonic the hedgehog1,2,3 etc etc,Arnold Palmer tournament golf,toejam and earl along with road rash There were many others I played but remember these the most.
  6. Windows10 here wizard hope it helps
  7. Hey there Scriven and welcome
  8. bungle

    Space Invaders

    Thankyou reg,very nice. :):)
  9. bungle

    Shoot or Loot

    Nice, many thanks Reg,very much appreciated.
  10. Very good read, tnx guys,interesting to see and get a feeling for the process before layouts are created cheers Reg oh btw Reg any little clues's as to what the new one is lol
  11. my favourite toy from the above would have been the evil knievel stunt bike but the winder on mine was blue and not red,think i ended up taking it apart in the end to see how it worked,hence to say after that it never worked again,god how i wish i'd looked after my stuff now
  12. bungle

    Amiga Avvv IT!!!

    I started with the 500 then on to 600 and finally on to 1200,there was a great little serial sky type card with a red and green led on which plugged into the card slot on your primitive sky box,available to buy from ireland ,to open up all sky channels including adult :)this card was used with two programs one called safe sex and the other piece of software i cant remember for the life of me but they worked great for quite some time until sky changed something then it was gone.Anyone else had or remember this?
  13. Thankyou pook, very nice and effective
  14. Hey Pook, downloaded 7 or 8 of your brilliant update layouts and rather than flood the forum with my crap Ive decided to say thankyou for them all here in one go so thanks mate awesome stuff keep em coming ---------->
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