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  1. Wow, this is brilliant news! Thank you Wizard...
  2. Thank you for this release.... looks excellent.

    Amiga Avvv IT!!!

    Had an Amiga A500 that would creak as my fan heater would heat my bedroom and cause the Amiga to crash loads! Annoying! Later got hold of an Amiga A1200
  4. Can't pick just one so my 5 choiices (in no order) are.... Ultimate: Play the game Software Projects Codemasters Mastertronic Ocean
  5. Sinclair ZX80 and Sinclair QL are machines i would of liked a dabble with.
  6. ....Could have Jamie Bondage - Licence to thrill!
  7. https://youtu.be/Ie7GL3yL5yA Degsey Degworth talks about numbering in this YouTube video... Hope that helps.
  8. I did'nt realise FF was back online WAC... learn something new each day!
  9. Looking forward to seeing the gambling low ebbs video... from what i have read here and seen on other youtube videos there are some facinating stories around the subject, I have never been in the shoes of you guys though, I've always been just a casual player, I'm too tight with money to put loads in... i think my record amount i spent in an arcade in a day was £50 but that was a one off.... just a drop in the ocean compared to the true gamblers out there.
  10. Cool... maybe i shall do that too... cheers A:E Thank you anyway, Vectra So it is looking like Photoshop is the way to go then... nobody has used Gimp for FME by look of it. Thank you all for your input!
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