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  1. Well, at least it's nothing to do with me this time... Real life issues always have to take precedence, and speaking on a personal level Chris, I hope that everything goes well in looking for new employment in the very near future and you find yourself in a much more happier, financial and motivated mood very soon. But remember this, both Chris and Harvey... friendships are very precious and rare - they have ups and downs, they have to in order for it to be a friendship - and they get you through happy and difficult times. Don't let a 'hobby' get in the way of your relationship - life and friendships are far too short for that.
  2. I can remember playing this a very long time ago in the arcades... It seemed impossible to get to the top (streak was the best not the jackpot, as it could go up to four times the jackpot)
  3. Thanks Dave... Never played this one so will give it a go, especially with such a lovely layout, as always
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