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  1. ACE's Camelot roms are out there but I don't think theres a DX. I loaded the roms into the 'Open The Box' game and I play it in there (although I can't find it presently after my old lappy went pop). There is a 'matrix-less' classic version that I released withn the help of Pete W many moons ago. The £1.20 exchange for Nudge +Plus plays a bow and arrow game where you hit a number with your arrow that gets added to the standard 4 nudges. I loved the ACE games. The BAND-AID features where you'd get wins from apparently nowhere then learning that the numbers on the reels gave wins if all 3 reels displayed the same number. ACE's Swop Shop Classic was released by Pete W. Don't think there was ever a classic. 'Swop or Swap' Shop was similar to 7's Above by Project. But which came first? I did a total redraw of 7's Above back in the day. We had the roms and a thumbnail pic of the real machine. I iterally created something out of nothing as far as the art was concerned. Innovations for me, I loved the 'CASH ADVANCE' features from the 80's as seen on games like Flash Cash, Top Tenner. Cash Counter, Action Bank ect... With the ACTION BANK feature where a special nudge pot would progressivle fill up. Could cost a fortune trying to get the nudge bank full (8 Nudges) and waiting to use them for a Jackpot or Cash Advance. 10p a go, £2 Cash Advance repeater... I remember CASH COUNTER and CASH MATRIX when first released. They were truly true skill. Then they were re-chipped and became nasty. You could never reach SKILL NUDGES on Cash Counter after the re-chip. Sadly the emulated version is the nasty version. As for more recent machines, with the advent of video via screens on games, I really was facinated with tge Deal or No Deal WINFALL pinball type game. I have to admit, I don't give a shite for modern games but I am drawn to Winfall. Wether it will ever make an appearance on the emuator, I'v no idea. Winfall is a nasty game with predictable outcomes from the pinball game. But this just shows that with a video screen incorporated into a machine, theres no end to the new features and games that could be added to a AWP. Shame theres not all that many.
  2. Speaking of unscrupulous operators, a few years ago, I had the honour of servicing some systems at Thornwick Bay, Flamborough and it was pre-season. To get to the swimming pool, I had to go through the amusement arcade which was closed (out of season). They had 2p pushers. All empty of its 2p's except for all the ones that had been 'SUPERGLUED' to the front edge of the play area that clearly would have forced the real 2p's to the left and right down into the spill tubes that the machine takes for itself. 6 months later, back servicing, those machines were on and running and theres no way on earth you could detect that lots of 2p's had been superglued down to fiddle the player. Who'd have thought eh?
  3. Many moons ago, I stumbled across a little factory unit here in Hull where some chap was re-glassing all sorts of fruit machines. He was re-glassing multiplayer games down the lines of Bullion Bars and Party Time with branded glass bearing the names of mainline amusement arcades at the time like TEDDY's (local in Hull) and GALLAGHERS plus new names for the games. In a section of this unit, there were old machines that were being changed into MAB games. The guy who ran the place was called Tony and I got chatty with him. (he was the chap that ripped the roms for JPM SUPATRACK for me that a fellow FME member sent me in the post(Greeze IIRC)). I'm pretty sure he was part of the MAB empire lol. Anyway, he's still there, here in Hull, re-glassing games but under the name od Diamond Games. http://www.diamondgames.co.uk/index.html This may be the answer to 'Whatever happened to MAB'...... Gonna make an effort to pop in and have a chat. To see if he has anything for the scene.
  4. My overweight-ness is through beer too. I love craft beer. Here in Hull, theres a brewery called ATOM and they have their own pub. It's like my 2nd home. But I've had to cut out the beer for my dieting. I'm gonna crack open a few craft beers over the next couple of days though. I can't not eat and drink and be merry at christmas can I....
  5. Happy christmas. Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year
  6. All the best to all still active on the scene. It's good to see so many fellow old buggers around here.
  7. I hope this is acceptable on this forum. Please delete if this sort of nonsense is long gone from the scene..... So it's that time of the year where we think up shit that we are gonna give up next year and then after 36 hours, we cave in and fail miserably. Last year, whilst eating my New Years Eve mixed kebab, I vowed to give up fast food. There I was, January 2nd, eating a mixed kebab sandwich totally unaware I'd broken my resolution... I reckon it would be quite entertaining if not intriguing to list our New Year resolutions here. Past successes and past failures. Come on, I'm outing you all...... For me though, I've got a little story that might help fellow members if they are thinking of losing weight as their New Years resolution. If this helps one person, get him/herself in better shape, then this post is a useful one. This year, 2019, I've had some cracking good holidays. Thailand in the spring, and 2 weeks at the in-laws in the summer in western France... but after years of travelling and eating and drinking, I've put on a bit of timber. Olde Compost had turned into a bit of a lard-arse. I have my own gravitational pull. My sex appeal didn't suffer mind. I got loads of interest from the ladies. Well, they wanted pics taken with the fun fat bloke for their Facebook status's.... (I binned off Facebook myself some years ago after being stalked if anyone is wondering why I ain't on their Facebook no more). Anyway, With the future prospect of having to clean myself with a stick that has a wet sponge taped to it, and the bog reinforced, and the posibility of Channel 5 seeing me as a potential TV project, I had to change my lifestyle. 3 stone in 3 months...... Can it be done? Can it be done with no excercise? Can i still quaff on the booze? Will we aver get an early set of £50 streak roms for Ace's Twilight Zone? Now I've done this before. 3 stone in 3 months when I split with Sally. Those who know me know of her. Back in 2010, I'm back at my mums, and needed to get back in shape. 3 months of extreme cycling and cutting back in the booze. it worked fine. I'd changed from fat bloater into a sexy hunk of testosterone. I went onto the dating sites and had a couple of years of being totally promiscuos. Even Austin Powers dialled me up for woman tips.... It was like I was back in my early 20's again. I was the biggest thing to hit the MILF scene since that program Loose Women... This time, 2019, the challenge is back. I've let myself go. I'm in a long term relationship. You get complacent... Eat crap food, don't exercise, so the challenge??? It is back.... But no cycling, no cutting the booze. I couldn't be arsed with all that. then the other half Lizzy stumbles across something called the 'Keto diet'. This is a low carb, medium protein high fat diet.... WTF!!!!! Apparenty, our bodies have become super efficient at taking in carbohydrates and transferring those carbs into sugars that give us energy. Excess carbs are dumped on our bodies as fat. So all those ASDA make your own pizza's, and Ginsters pasties, and Melton Mowbrey pork pies are all hanging on my belly. So how does Keto work? Well, before humans farmed the land, and before crops, humans just went out the old man cave, bonked an animal on the head, and scoffed it... Carbs were in very short supply. Back then, the body was trained to use body fat for energy. Not carbs. This diet starves the body of carbs, then when the carbs run out after a few days, your body then produces ketones. These keytones go into the bloodstream, and help to break down fat. Your body is now getting it's energy from fat rather than carbs. To aid the ketone process, you need to take in fat too. Eating lots of low carb but fat rich foods, cheeses, pork rinds, chicken, even scanning the Polish foods section as they have a lot of good meat foods that are perfect for keto. Don't get me wrong. The transitional period between burning the last of your carbs and your body starting the ketosis process can be tough. Keto flu, where you have genuine flu symptoms, aches and pains, lack of energy... then a few days in, when Ketosis is in full swing, your energy levels go through the roof. You have to hang in there..... Don't get me wrong. The keto diet needs a fair bit of willpower. But if you have the mindset, the will and the determination, you can really pull off 3 stone in 3 months. My incentive, stood naked, I can look down and see my dick in it's entireity. OK, I lied. I'm very gifted in the trouser snake department so could see my dick regardless of wether I was a fat bastard or a skinny bugger.... With Keto, you need to aim for a maximum of 30g of carbs per day. So no bread, no starchy veg, so no potatoes, no pizza, no pasta, no sweets, no chocolate, can you give all that up? What you can have, first checking the nutritional info because plain chicken is good, coated chicken is bad, you can eat tons of roast chicken, skin and all, provided it's plain chicken, lots cheeses as long as it's not grated or full of fruit, (weirdly grated cheese has more carbs than it's standard block varient), steak, pork, eggs, bacon, lean sausages, ironically, all the stuff dieticians tell you is bad for you, you eat.... You can't eat biscuits or crisps but Porkys pork scratchings are well and truly in there as good food. Beer is full of carbs (except Michelob as it has 1.9g carbs per bottle) but you can have spirits with sugar free mixers... JD and Diet Coke is fine.... Anyway. I'm going on too much now. If anyone is genuinely interested in losing some weight using this method, post here and I'll give you help and tips. Check out Ketosis and how it works. 1st Sept 2019 i was 2lbs short of 19 stone. I've never been so heavy. Yeah I could instantly lose 2 stone if I had a penile amputation... Going on the keto diet, I'm sat here 15 stone 12 and I ain't finished. My treat for losing 3 stone in 3 months.... Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I'm breaking my Keto diet for 3 whole days. So I'll be tackling the mountain of Punk IPA and Elvis Juice i've got from Mr Brewdog, I'll be having a full christmas dinner, but come Dec 27th, I'll be back on keto. Off to the gym and a goal weight of 13 and a half stone . I reckon If I went to the gym whilst on my diet, I'd have done 4 stone in 3 months. The benefits of losing that 3 stone? I sleep better, and I MEAN better. I don't even need an alarm clock. I can get in my old clothes again. I can tie my shoe laces without struggling with being out of breath. Being part of this scene since 2002, I know lots of us have over the years, had our struggles with losing weight. Right, I'm off now to stare at the Melton Mobray pork pie that has my name on it... Well, my name on it tomorrow.... I may do a christmas alcohol and beer review tomorrow if I'm not accused of posting useless spam.... Anyway, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals....
  8. Had my first cold in like 6 years earlier in the month. It tied in with my 'Dry December' so I recokon that my daily alcohol intake has kept the cold virus at bay. I gave up alcohol, I got a cold withing days.... I got rid of the cold quite quickly though. 2ltrs of Kraken rum, some limes, some ginger beer and some aromatic bitters did the job. (Think thats called a 'Dark and Stormy'). Anyway, back to normality now.
  9. Didn't ACE bring out a version of 'Play It Again' on System1? I seem to recall a 10p £4 Jackpot variant that even still had the REEL/BAND AID match on it. Shame Blue Chip didn't have the same REEL AID feature. You're right about Blue Chip though. They were everywhere. They were like the Campri ski jacket of the fruit machine world. You saw them everywhere. Infact, I was probably wearing my Campri ski jacket, in Hull city centre, middle of athe red hot summer playing Blue Chip down the old SUNSPOT arcade...
  10. CompostCORNER

    Fruit emu

    Like a prostitutes knickers!!!
  11. That looks awesome. Had to look twice to see which was the real deal.
  12. I bet they had to seriously do their homework when placing these in bars in Glasgow. If they even dared...
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