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  1. View File Fiddle A Fortune (Reflex) The final set of Reflex roms I have. Thanks go to: @Wizard for the MFME 19 update allowing me to finish this @Reg for the MFME Font @vectra666 for the Wild symbol used Shortcuts in the layout notes and anyone wishing to DX please PM me for a copy of the unlocked layout. Finally any issues please let me know. Enjoy Submitter Matty.n Submitted 22/10/19 Category Reflex  
  2. https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/files/file/4167-lets-play-deal-or-no-deal-wdx/
  3. Yes but no sounds roms, but may be able to get away with regular Bank Job sounds if other clones are anything to go by. It is in my to do pile but pretty low priority.
  4. View File The Drac Pack (Bellfruit) **MACHINE IS SET TO 0 VOLUME, LEAVE IT AT THAT** There are no sound roms available for this machine and it will not boot without them so have used a mismatched set which aren't friendly on the ears so be careful if you ram clear the machine. Other than that not a lot to say, seems to be a clone of DOND - What's In Your Box. Any issues be sure let me know, shortcuts in the layout notes as per. Enjoy Submitter Matty.n Submitted 19/10/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
  5. Thank you for the layout, but thanks actually go to: @NickYerPesos for the roms and as a side note, Infection didn't provide me with the artwork included with my classic, I'd downloaded it several years ago when i was given the roms.
  6. They're in the DAT - Big Easy, The (Electrocoin) [Rom].zip
  7. Spotted this on Facebook, £40, non working as it needs a new board. Mortal Wombat, We don't have resources for a DX & we only have 1 of the 2 sound roms. Collecting from Coven Heath near M54 for Wolverhampton/Cannock https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2275643022699531/
  8. View File Alice Through The Looking Glass (£100) Massive thanks to @Reg for allowing me to use his Alice In Wonderland as a base for this, have tried to keep it in style as best I could & @Wizard for fixing an issue with the latest update of MFME. Shortcuts in the layout notes, anyone wanting to DX please message me for a copy of the unlocked layout, some nice artwork included and as always, please let me know of any issues. and enjoy! Submitter Matty.n Submitted 08/10/19 Category Reflex  
  9. Matty.n

    DOND WIYB Clone

    Had some time over the weekend so "converted" my WIYB classic to this, sadly it's mute and still a few things to sort but should have it out by the weekend.
  10. Thank's for sorting the Reflex bug
  11. That's what pubs apparently wanted; nice boring, flat profiled games . DOND may have been the decline of the Cat C AWP but these were the nails in the coffin.
  12. View File Treble Top (Reflex) Been sitting on this a while, gone through several revisions but have settled on this look. Shortcuts can be found in the layout notes. With thanks to @Reg for the MFME Font & the dartboard used, @Wizard For allowing these wonderful machines to run and to @NickYerPesos for the roms. Submitter Matty.n Submitted 28/09/19 Category Reflex  
  13. Great to see you back, Funny you should plug that video, Youtube had recommended it to me Tuesday night! So expecting it to blow up
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