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    Thank you very much for this release, me personally i really enjoy all the releases you give us and the amazing MFME6.1 to run all these on.Thank you all who makes this possible
  2. Excellent as always , thank you will download and play soon .
  3. Excellent thread nice to see arcades from back in the day , i just can't believe how some of them are still standing and operating today. Say's everything about the arcade business , There is only one winner .
  4. Thank you to everyone involved on this release much apprecition
  5. unitedfan


    thank you never played this one so looking forward to giving it a go :)
  6. Thank you for this release very nice looking and easy to play. I think it is a bit tight thou £100 in and 1 xxx win for £10 .
  7. Thank you miss the older type machines brings back great memories .
  8. Thank you very much long time playing fruities for real, but this is amazing and the money i saved is fantastic. Appreciate everything you guys do
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