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  1. yes i thought that to just didnt want to make thing worse if there was an easy fix thanks for reply
  2. hi wizzard thanks for getting in touch firstly there isnt any game running secondly ime pretty certain i have updated once before so i think i must have accepted the terms and conditions just above the check for updates there is the mfme logo and when i click on this i get the message history.text file not found please be patient with me because ime not a wizzard like yoursef any help would be grateful i understand your time is precious and a big thanks to you and everbody for the time and effort put in
  3. i am running windows 10 and mfme build 19 and update 5 but when i try and load the barcrest game big deal it prompts me with needs mfme 16.5 so when i click on the about box the check for updates box appears but its in grey and when u click on it it does nothing plus i am forever grateful to wizzard and everbody on this site for everything that u all do
  4. hi guys can anyone help please? i have just tried loading a new layout but it prompts me with needs mfme16.5 so i have clicked the about box and tried to check for updates but the check box is in grey and wont let me, is there a reason for this ? can anyone help please?
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