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  1. Blimey they bring back some memories seeing both and also show how terrible I am at searching for things many thanks as soon as I get on the laptop I'll download them both and relive my younger days thanks again
  2. Nice layout thanks reg good to see old club machines that are probably older than me, it's funny the first ever machine I owned was an old barcrest clubber called sweepstake I paid £25 for it from a local house clearance and it came with hundreds of old 10p's which I didn't even remember from growing up it paid out in old 50p's also so I had to use a paper clip and some other stuff to trick it into thinking the 2 50p tubes had enough coins in to pay out as I never had any of those it did take pound coins but gave 50p in credit and paid out 50p in 10p's. i had had it years then sold it for the same price I paid and I used the money towards a bell fruit cat & mouse on £10 jackpot which I had for years until again I sold it and upgraded to a barcrest peep show I've never seen cat & mouse while looking through the emulations so guessing that there's materials missing for it to be done if only years ago I knew about emulation and thought ahead to take pics of them before getting rid of them ** edit predicted text changing a few things thinking it was correct **
  3. Thanks for this one of my favourites but for all the wrong reasons lol
  4. One thing I always found with this on the T7-T8 cab in freespins if the pick me came in twice it was 99/100 gonna give a pot never play machines in bookies so unsure if it's the same scenario in there
  5. Definitely missed out on the golden era with the luxury of emulation though I can play the old classics without taking a beating from them thanks again
  6. Many thanks, a machine from before I was even born lol
  7. Thank you very much , happy Easter everyone
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