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  1. Yes, but that's not at all relevant
  2. It does not play like Jewel in the Crown, but does have an equally superb sound package. Hi-Lo gamble is a pain - 6 gambles to get from 40p to the £2 exchange point is ridiculous on a clubber, more so on a number reel which is evil when it wants to be. Will happily block the JP on the board too even when ready.
  3. They'd take an age to fill that £10k cashpot. Can't see the £500 to £10k gamble winning very often either
  4. Hmm interesting. How does CC like to pay JPs when not off its tits. I've always found it to block the JP on the stacks no matter how much in
  5. That seems unlikely. Assuming a payout %age of 76%, that would leave just £320 available for pay out each £750 in.
  6. Out of interest, what does the machine *think* it is paying when it is giving Cashpots out that have £3 in them? I always assumed that, whilst the CP value was not exactly an indicator that the CP was ready to pay out, the machine at least knew what was in it. By the sounds of the replies above it sounds like the machine does not know the CP value, and instead assumes that the CP = JP? If that is the case, would a close sequence of £3 Cashpots kill the game, as the machine thinks it has paid £1,000 each time?
  7. Once JP this from a True Skill climb on the nudges all the way to the top. Was tight AF every other time from memory
  8. @Mort @Tommy c I did not know that. I will give these a bash when I get home from Mexico and see how I get on!
  9. Tommy your layouts are really crisp, but they are just to dark for me. I appreciate them, am aware that this is personal preferance, and still play them, but wish there was a way to brighten them up
  10. Does this pay like the £250 with just the CP & JP even further out of reach?
  11. Wow Just a quickie, on the DX we do have I've never seen the "Gold Run Values Pay Double" or the "Collect Gold Run Prize or Continue Along Trail" light. It's obvious when the second one should light, but it doesn't. I don't imagine Reg would leave it out, as he has gone to the trouble of lamping it. The double values one, is that for dual stake versions? Were these features from an early ROM that were scrapped? If anyone knows, i'd say it would be you lol
  12. Dez

    Meter Visibility

    cheers for that
  13. Dez

    Meter Visibility

    I have tried that, but it seems to keep the window the same size, and zooms the layout to it's native size within the window. The aspect ratio seems locked so that didn't help me!
  14. Dez

    Meter Visibility

    Quick Question. I use a laptop for MFME which doesn't have a massive screen resolution. When MFME redraws the layout to fit on my screen, sometimes only the IN meter is visible, sometimes neither IN or OUT are visible. This, obviously, makes it hard to keep track of the session. Is there any way I can fix this so that I can somehow see both meters?
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