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  1. Thanks Tommy:) One of my favorite Barcrests!
  2. I remember someone doing that in the arcade I worked at in Manchester one Saturday afternoon. The idiot was stood over the road watching the police arrive, then wondered why he got arrested.
  3. Hi Guys Here is something 80's for you to look forward to:) Top glass is finished, and I am about half way through drawing the bottom glass.
  4. Cool! This was a fantastic machine. In fact I used to own one of these back in the 90's, and it was always fun to play.
  5. Thanks Dave! I have been looking forward to this, as it is a really good 2p game, and a rare game. Stunning layout as usual:)
  6. Never mind, I think I found it. Candice. I can finish my top glass off now!
  7. Hi Guys I am currently drawing a brand new top glass, and need someone to please tell me what font this is - if possible? Unfortunately the text is overlapping, so a font search will not help me, and since I lost my C drive recently I have less fonts installed to go through.. Thanks:)
  8. Are you in tiny resolution again? The meters work fine for me, so they are probably hiding from you.
  9. Thanks for updating this Vecs. This was a great machine in its day! And thanks to A:E for making the reels look as good as they do!
  10. Hitthesix did a classic of the 10 Pound version ages ago.
  11. I made one out of a plastic box, and put an Ipac and a PacDrive inside.
  12. That will look very nice on my set up. Thanks Vectra:)
  13. Thanks Reg:) Another one to keep me busy!
  14. Cool! I love the old 2p machines. Thanks.
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