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  1. Did the £70 nearly 2 years ago , someone wanted the £100 sorting Vecs sorted it, etc used the MFME font for the win Values should have the correct font on the new version now ..... maybe not done anything MFME related for ages re uploaded layout with the fonts I used
  2. MFME font and these (was nearly 2 years ago) lol
  3. View File Dond - Bank on it £100 Classic A Request by Jonno from here for the £100 Varient. thanks to DAD for uploaded the roms used and again to johnny afc for this classic Shortcuts are the same as his £70 version Added Notey buttons/lamps Submitter Johnnyafc Submitted 04/01/20 Category Bell-Fruit  
  4. If you wanna change to £100 release it or whatever fine by me
  5. And Quality ‘news Stories’ Thanks for the Layout
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