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  1. fantastic Dave , looks a beauty, and thanks to all involved. something about playing card based fruits that is very alluring. one of many I've never seen or heard of so, thank you to you all for making it possible for us to play all these machines.
  2. thanks Vecs , very nicely done indeed , perfect. can't wait for the day I can afford a new pc with win 10 & mfme v19.8 on it, anyone got a spare bag of sand
  3. Thanks andy-1 & everyone else in on this, awesome stuff
  4. thank you to Wizard for the correct Led lamps and for Vecs for implementing / incorporating that into the revised layout.
  5. thanks for the classic Clo06, nice work.
  6. Top Stuff, thanks for the Dx Vecs, looks minted !
  7. thanks Dave looks fab, must admit I do like the older era of fruit machines a lot
  8. thanks for this clubber Reg
  9. thanks Vecs & to everyone else involved with this. cheers all
  10. looks the biz, look fwd to givin' it a bash. thanks for this one vecs
  11. Many Thanks Vecs , Looks Super that does. Had a "go all the way" on one of these once, for a nice £140.
  12. Thanks Spidy21982 , Frohe Weihnachten
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