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  1. Thanks Reg , canot beat a bit o' bingo
  2. Many thanks Spidy for all these interesting machines, really enjoy playing them
  3. Many Thanks Richy , can't wait to play
  4. Thank You Spidy , look fwd to playin' this
  5. A Really Massive Thank You to you Wizard for all your hard work over the many years .
  6. wow T , I can't keep up. you are spoiling us but I luv it. many thanks for all your hard work ,
  7. excellent rendition there Rolo, thanks a lot for this
  8. Thanks very much Tommy for wdx'ing this , looks mint ! Iv'e never played it but it always did look interesting to me, I think it's because of the snow,ice,mountain,cold theme that I liked the look of. Many Thanks
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