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  1. excellent rendition there Rolo, thanks a lot for this
  2. Thanks very much Tommy for wdx'ing this , looks mint ! Iv'e never played it but it always did look interesting to me, I think it's because of the snow,ice,mountain,cold theme that I liked the look of. Many Thanks
  3. Thank You Tommyc for the wdx & Reg for fixing it. I remember trying to play this in a pub with a mate and this was the 1st or 2nd Red we'd ever played.I think indy was the first. at the time we had no clue what we were doing and ended up baffled by it ,and left it to play a different machine lol. But still great to see it emulated , Many Thanks
  4. thanks Richy1976, nicely done. played it a lot way when. does anyone ever remember rubbing a clipper lighter or coin over the little mic section on the karaoke feature. it " supposedly " maxed the volume in turn give more winnings on that feature.or something like that, well that was the story going round at the time lol. and singing at the machine in the arcade might have drawn a few glances and probably get yourself mugged lol.
  5. char042102

    Jack Potty

    Thanks Reg look fwd to trying this one out.
  6. In the library again today , Good machine this , one I remember well, as well as the other bwb machine Sinbad. Spidy gave us an excellent near as dam it similar german version of Sinbad which is Super. back to Volcano I thought Robinhood did a dx of it on fruitemu, I didn't know dad did it aswell. if dad did do a dx of it , could anyone kindly tell us where to find it again,thanks. I put a diff pic in the gallery but also I found this pic today on gumtree if its useful to anyone.
  7. Looks super Tommy , really does. Thanks for sailing on with this one .
  8. Thanks Reg, looks wheely great. <-------- sigh when will it stop , I wish I could stop it lol. anyways sorry not been active lately (maybe thats a blessing lol) but I've had my internet and phone disconnected and now my gas meter to be removed. lots of that type of stuff going on at the mo. so I managed to get online via the local library .
  9. wot a minter ! lights up nice ,thanks Richy and all everyone who helped out.
  10. that looks god damn awesome, fabulous job there wearecity, many thanks
  11. Thanks for the infos , cheers lads f sake ,wish I wasn't in such a financial mess right now as I would have bought this if possibly some kind member near it, in Wales could've picked it up (big ask I know) , to then arrange a rom dump for us or I would have just paid the usual £65 courier uk wide thing then sent the rom chips to anyone who would help me to dump them for us. always seems to happen , you've got money there's nowt you want , you on your ass and there's loads you want. this bloody money ruled world we live in pisses me right off , you can't do f all without it.
  12. totally agree with you there Tommy c , wasn't there a case in America & (or UK) where some poor soul won a huge jackpot on a slotie in one of the casinos and was later told "sorry the machine wasn't supposed to do that" so we're not obliged to pay you anything but here's a cup of tea for the inconvenience . what a rollercoaster of emotion from pure elation to nearly a heart attack in the space of a few seconds,mins. I know hardly nothing can be made error proof but you'd think the casino would at least pay 1/2 as a gesture or something. apparently not,a cup of tea or whatever doesn't really cover it in my book . they should honor the error and payout , then have stern words with the developers, that they're incompetence ,error strewn programing whatever it was, cost a fortune and to tell them to make sure for it to not happen again. ideal world and that. never gonna happen though is it . sorry but we'll have to take this from you and replace it with this , have a nice day now , do come again.
  13. yeh I too saw this on bandits video the other night and also watched your very good analysis of it Chopoholic, keep up the great vids It was a shocker alright and certainly leaves, would be punters less enthused and trusting to play these online slots than they otherwise are already. how it went out the door like that is beyond any reasonable explanation. It had the potential to be a colossal win but like you say the front end didn't know what the backend was telling it. or could it be the backend refusing to accept what the frontend was asking it and told it to f*# off with that idea lol , not paying out on that stake mate. anyway the bandit seemed to take it pretty well considering what just happened in front of him, and like vecs says above ,I'd have gone absolutely bananas about it and demand recompense immediately no ifs or buts , but that's just me ranting and raging as I would have had to get that immense disappointment out of my system. glad I've never been enticed to online slots and have thankfully , belatedly , put fobt slots , roulette and pub fruits firmly out of my life for the past few months as they simply are not fair machines at ALL in my view, far from in fact. just to illustrate what helped me finally decide enough of this nonsense for good, I backed every number on the 20p roulette table except no 5 , just to see what happened and low and behold 4 spins later guess what number came out twice consecutively , then again 3 spins later. there's no way on this planet I'm accepting the so called " random " generator picked that sequence out of the available options , basically they can f*~# off with that sh*£ from me , from now on . I'm the winner now they're the loser now and that's how it's going to stay, rant over from an ex slot gambler
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