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  1. haha, it looks like one of yours Reg. I nearly made the same mistake till I saw this. thanks for the classic Matty n , great work.
  2. Thanks wearecity, lot of work in that , nicely done
  3. nice layout, thanks spidy21982
  4. @Clo06 not the images you were after but there is a pictures of beau peep and camelot in my "what did tatterkite find today" thread . also I don't know if crimewatch by SP.ace is any use 2 U but there are 3 pics in the gallery / members albums / pg 5
  5. thanks Reg , nice as ice , look fwd to trying out whence I get the 10 OS
  6. looks MINT, thanks Dave & a very happy belated birthday to you
  7. the wip is coming along very nicely Reg, will be fun trying this out , as everywhere and anywhere was littered, mostly with DOND's, and sadly things like this, hardly got a look in. I remember going in a witherspoons a few times and they had 4 DOND's lined up in a row lol and yep another 2 DOND's over near the toilets. I think if I saw one today I would push it down the stairs
  8. hats off mate , you've done an awesome wdx there, many thanks for doing it into a vvr (virtual visual representation ) . even tho its mentioned, it plays a bit of a t#at, still think what you transformed it into, looks a MINTER. so thanks again to all involved.
  9. Thanks Vecs and thanks Tommyc & clo6 , , I didn't notice there was a "shirt hanging in the background " reflection nr where Tommy circled it. I just thought it was part off the background ,like the blended in footballs. well spotted . I did have a go at a dx in the past but it came out all kinds of wrong lol. It was a lot of fun, lamping the on off images from a classic layout but I wouldn't have a clue how to go about building a classic from scratch (which tech ,alphas reel bands etc) also I don't have access to a win 10 machine anywhere. They all use Linux and I'm still on Xp (not connected to the net) . I will defo upgrade in the future because I want to play but I've no spare cash for a new Pc and OS at all currently. thanks for the pics Clo06 @Tommyc Wow that looks fantastic lit up, Many thanks for tidying the image further and all the lamping, it's really coming along very nicely, also cheers to westy as well for doing the classic.
  10. That would be awesome ! Many Thanks Tommy , glad the image its okay. It's not a machine I've even heard of let alone play , but since Clo06 loaded up those images , I was bored so I thought what the hell.
  11. fixed , hope it is of a good enough quality done it 8 best.bmp
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