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  1. Brilliant Tommy... look great as per usual...
  2. I found the best feature is the one that fills the bottom tray with £££ coins..
  3. If you mean on BFeMu... it didn't ; ; Scorpion Emulator Layout Script ; Created by: Bugs Bunny and Troutman ; NAME Wild_West ;Game Name BOARD Scorpion2 ;Board Type CABINET Phoenix2 ;Cabinet Type EXPANSION SC2_BFMGAME1 ;Expansion Card GAME Club-Wild-West_Std_Ac_Var_Ffp_Ass1.Bin ;Game Rom-fast Fill Pots SPEED 200 ;Game Speed DIL 0000000000000011 ;85%-High Cashpot Frequency
  4. I most certainly have to agree with that... plus layout makers making threads in the hope of getting a few extra 'likes' is a bit sad bhawawawawaw
  5. I've got 5 'Take it Or Leave it' roms sets by Electrocoin and that is one I do not
  6. Many thanks... Happy New Year!
  7. Geddy

    Happy New Year

    All the very best! Apart from those from Yorkshire... miserable bastards!!! No seriously all the best to everyone in 2020, hope it's a great one!
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