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  1. Bugger all... haha, I would like you to have Charlie one as it's the same at the other place... not sure how folk can remember different nicks for different sites...
  2. Geddy


    Actually I'll spill. My original internet nickname was 'Troutman' then shortened to 'Trouty.' This was due to being given the nickname during a drunken Subbuteo game back in Uni in 1989. I made a great save to which my mate said 'wow like Billy the fish..' I replied 'Fish.. I love Trout..' That is how I got called Troutman, ironically I don't like Trout at all.. Half way through FME land I got reported to work for allegedly using the forums during work time so I changed it to Geddy. Name is from Geddy Lee, the singer/bassist/keyboard player from Rush... there you go...
  3. Geddy


    Good job you did not ask this about 8 years ago a certain member would have taken up 8 pages answering you...
  4. Geddy


    Not sure about mine...
  5. Lots of fun, shitstorms.... nooooo never in FME land
  6. If you knew Russ he had his formative years in FME land and had some odd obsessions like Ford Mondeos and Lamp posts... always quality
  7. Good to have an old master back here and at DadsFME...
  8. Looking brilliant mate... looking forward to this even though I've no clue what the gameplay is going on about haha
  9. Good job it was not a lamp post or RussDX would have been all over it... literally
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