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  1. See that is why you are a clever bugger... many thanks
  2. Luckily the offender was Drac Pack so nearer the top
  3. Yes I can... but the 201 was an example there are 11,000 odd files haha...
  4. Just to use FME as an example. If for instance I have 201 files in a folder. 100 are .jpgs and 101 are .gam files (each 'pair' has the same name e.g. Andy Capp Dx1.gam and Andy Capp Dx1.jpg) what is the quickest was to scan them to see which file is the 'extra' one? Is there a program to check this?
  5. Nice game... got a £22 streak on Happy Hour
  6. I've got the roms but it's SC6...
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