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  1. Brilliant, love the old JPMs my favorite era.
  2. Yes it was by Prodigy- Charly classic rave tune
  3. Ha ha fair enough, anyway thanks for your help.
  4. Ok cheers, will this be rectified on v19?
  5. The sound comes through the speakers mate
  6. All my other emulated machines sound fine, its just this and 777 heaven thats distorted for some strange reason
  7. Not sure what that means -im not very techy lol
  8. By the way, ive noticed the sound is a bit distorted on the JP tune.
  9. Great layout thanks, looking forward to the release of v19
  10. TopShaun

    Nudge Nudge

    I remember Carfields Jumping Jack 5p play and Seesaw 10p with a nudge up and down feature, Dransfields Blast off 5p play with 10 nudges that didnt timeout giving you time to look at the reels.
  11. Thank you, silly question so sorry for asking but is this an all cash version?
  12. Thank you. Never played this one before in the wild. Great looking machine.
  13. Hi mate, yes, no wonder i lost loads then and yet I carried on regardless hoping that I caught the machines at the ' right time lol '. I thought I was good learning the nudge set ups on Party time. Like I said before my favs were JPMs SRUS, apart from Eachway shuffle blue, which was quite tight esp gambling up to 80p! They had clever programming and were very playable unlike the horrors we have now, ( I have DOND East and West Wing so I know). Yet I'd love to be able to play the SRUs again and watch enviously when i watch them on You Tube.
  14. Thank you, remember playing this in the early 80's.
  15. I was really drawn to this site by Degsys You tube Vids, having been a member of Fruit Emu for a number of years. Like Degsy, I was one of those players who lacked the 'knowledge' of all the cheats and hidden methods, despite the fact that I had been playing fruit machines since the 70's. My era being the early 1980's and the SRUs like Nudge Double Up deluxe, which was the first machine to get me 'hooked'. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the creators that let me play all these many many machines again. Thank you. Shaun
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