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  1. I've added Triac 14 but it wont save, any help would be much appreciated. Shaun
  2. Great thanks.. never seen this one.. The 'Rock On' feature is hard lol ive not got a win on it yet
  3. Fantastic. Loved this machine, had some good wins on this. Been waiting for along time for this to be emulated
  4. Thank you great sounds on this. Never played the £70s in the wild, which is a good job as i wouldnt have known about the methods. Did have my own, Rainbow Riches Lotta Luck but got rid of it as very flat profile.
  5. Fantastic many thanks.
  6. Cheers, would love Eachway Shuffle blue and Double Top.
  7. Perfect thanks very much, my favourite era. Any more in the pipeline mate?
  8. Thanks Wizard, Ah shame, hopefully one day they might turn up.
  9. Great, many thanks. fab to have the original sounds.
  10. Just been reading this. Did the sound roms appear for Kapang,? They were really good sounds on this one.
  11. Brilliant, love the old JPMs my favorite era.
  12. Yes it was by Prodigy- Charly classic rave tune
  13. Ha ha fair enough, anyway thanks for your help.
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