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  1. I'll dump the roms anyway and upload them there at least available then
  2. Just out of interest are the roms on the trident emulatable
  3. Found this maybe something similar
  4. Hi I picked a cpl of boards up yesterday as pictures was wondering if anyone knows what machines ran this tech, one board has a rom card on it. Also picked a cpl of game cards off sys83 once desoldering of the roms done I'll upload them to see if a genius on here can see what they are
  5. Not sure what these roms are I'll try and get them dumped and post them
  6. Hi gents whist out on my travels I came across this board at an old operators place would anyone be able to shed any light on the chip/prom in the second picture could it be a single use eprom. Theres a thread on the mecca for this under unusual find today mpu3 in old fruits section. a few machines have been mentioned. The operator didn't throw much away so I'm going to contact him to see if he still has the rom cart or if he finds it to get in touch cheers tony
  7. Yep a small fortune lol but hey you only live once
  8. Hi steve we've met at your arcade and mr ps mate its Tony the bearded guy lol. And if anyone wants to come it's a bit chaotic lol to say the least gamesroom holds about 30-35 when complete but I've stuff everywhere lol I'm like randy of usa hoarders lol cured myself of addiction playing them only to get the addiction owning them
  9. Theres also an Apache by empire games if the roms are needed let me know I looked to see if this was same as the machine I'd got but doesn't look like it
  10. Think we came across the reels and feature wheel for this at same time also filthy rich reels
  11. Nice to see my machine emulated louie did an awesome job fixing it it had errors on the processor board io board and chatter on the triac board too amazing tech guy I only hope one day I'm half as good on the repairs
  12. Quite aptly mouse traps game card was in the same box lol
  13. No worries I dont actually use emulation yet myself but love to think I'm helping keep some of the old beasts alive when I find old gems or roms and upload them. I'm usually to busy trying to repair boards with limited knowledge or something else on them or off around the country picking through boxes of bits covered in mouse droppings lol hunting stuff out
  14. Haven't got the time m8 I work 2 jobs have a newborn and my dad is ill at the moment. I've tried a few times and constantly get glare I'm always trying to get something running too lol the offer is there if anyone wants. Mpu 3 winspin black hole autoroute exchanges unlimited nudges unlimited hyper viper adders n ladders bf sys 83 countdown maygay pc90 grandslam And about 60 more machines
  15. Hi I've a fair number of machines some quite rare if anyone good with a camera and is local to Nottingham would like to come and take whatever pics they want for emulation there welcome to cheers
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