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  1. I found this if theres anything useful Club_cludeo.zip
  2. Here's a couple of unusual mpu3 roms and a few other sound files hope there of use 20180809_145448.mp4 Amot roms.zip
  3. Hi here's roms for my system 83 countdown if there any use cheers tony roms 83 .zip
  4. There's a spotted dick on eBay ending in 18hrs currently at £50 working in fakenham if anyone's interested cheers
  5. Hi all I'm Tony from notts I'm new to the emulation side looking forward to trying some classics on here. I've a few machines myself and more than happy to share roms if there required. Already shared a few on the mecca that haven't been emulated so if anyone needs anything like pics etc let me know cheers
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