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  1. Jackpot gambled from red 7's, that's £13 in now and soon to be £41 out. (all after a RAM reset remember)
  2. saying that just got £30 out from £6 in after a RAM reset, and hopper level wasn''t topped up... 3x £10's on winners enclosure.
  3. Although saying that last few tests I have done I have not been able to re-create it. Oh the joys of FME !
  4. interesting one this, in that we did a RAM reset on that version, made sure the hopper was full - and it tends to give £15-£20 within a few credits. I don't know whether it senses the hopper level OR it just plays this way after a RAM reset, but if it did, it would have been a nice machine to try and reset the RAM on in the wild. Would you do that by 'sparking' it ? Not sure if that was even feasible with this technology and cabinet design ?
  5. Yep I also find the boards are pretty much always good at paying around £4 - might have been a decent little earner this machine. I assume it passed test because the flyer was produced ?
  6. Thanks TC, means a lot that. I know that WIP threads can annoy some people but I find a WIP thread helps me offload and close Photoshop down, make a milestone for the day etc. Otherwise you get stuck in the detail too much. It also helps you spot mistakes, for example, I had the Crystals stacked the wrong way around on one of my first images, and also the very top right corner of the CLUB logo was not in front of the BULLION text on the feature entry trail.
  7. work is going fairly well on the bottom glass (which I will put back into correct perspective at the end Geddy :P (need it like this to do the font and symbol work)). I'm happy with the symbols in the win matrix. The symbols on the real machine had a slightly different hue and saturation compared to the actual reel bands on this win panel, and I have created this as close as possible. Just need to do all the cash values next. I'm not quite sure about the Nudges area, it's not quite as close as I would like, so I will re-visit this area.
  8. Winners Enclosure has binned me off twice with a £5 ! I must be very unlucky, but also I am running from a RAM reset, so it could be that I guess. Wonderful quirky little machine though. Looking forward to the video :)
  9. "That's your first rosette" The sample's are so cheesy on this. I'm really enjoying playing this one, particularly for the samples - there is definitely something about it. It is odd though how you can't exchange into the feature from a reel win. Really good DX though, brilliant what you have done with it TC. I have had the cash pot now, but still no sign of the jackpot. Buggers these Maygay's are and how they block lower down.
  10. Another cracking classic, thanks very much :)
  11. Amazing find this one TC . I had no idea this machine even existed, and I love a nice dot matrix display AND I love Maygay M1a tech, so this is a double nice surprise. I guess this was a machine installed at race courses and the like ? The DX itself is brilliant, especially considering the source artwork. Cheers matey.
  12. You are a welcomed member John, particularly as you share a passion for what FME means and the memories it provides. Have you ever tried to explain FME to the uninitiated? They look at you with a simple wtf. You either get FME or you don’t. It’s a really niche area but one I have always felt at home with (even though I do take long breaks from when I burn out).
  13. Be nice to have the best photo DX and the best glass scan DX to complement each other nicely.
  14. Below is a useful link to a post on DADS from Wizard about using blended lamps. What you have to remember is you are abstracting the lamp away from the graphic only and instead using the mask as a lamp, and moving it to different positions on the graphical lamp based on the lamp number. Keep an eye on performance with many blended lamps, also make sure you unpack blended lamps before release, which helps with the speed with some small sacrifice to quality iirc. http://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=912.msg11709#msg11709 (just scroll up and down the forum post to see Wizards explanation)
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