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  1. I got last years annual as well. Really nicely put together, so I have backed this one as well. ZZap was based in Ludlow, just around the corner from me when I was a wee nipper. Ah the 8 bit days, simpler and nicer times, when I genuinely enjoyed computers.
  2. Very nice mate, bet that's a glass of vodka
  3. It's fine to take a break and even stop doing layouts altogether. I enjoy FME again now, because I am able to play the emulator and enjoy the layouts rather than trying to figure out how to make them. I only did a few layouts and I found it really really hard, due to the perfection loop I ended up in (all of my own making of course). You obviously care for FME and have a great amount of knowledge, so just take a step back from the toolset and photoshop and just pick up the emulator and play when you feel the urge OR even leave it all alone until one day you feel the urge to get involved again even if just as a player. All the best and thank you for all the layouts you have provided for us all to enjoy.
  4. Nice work, great to see you doing layouts WAC
  5. Stuart Campbell was a regular in the FME scene back then, he went by the name "Nick Special" if I recall. He got a bit heated on a few subjects and he also released a fair few early DXs (in the table cloth style!) He is a game journalist, having had a history in Amiga magazines etc, so he had the relevant contacts and access to get that article published. It was really good to see FME getting the publicity like that, and I also hope Reg's article brings in more people who would love the nostalgia that we get from the emulator. Article looking really good btw AND thank god we didn't chose Line Up !!
  6. Great video. I echo your comments about TommyC as well, a brilliant designer and the work done on both these DXs is brilliant. Good time to be involved in FME again now, maturity of emulator, a wealth of techs, brilliant layout designers and no chemical fires !
  7. Mort

    Club Casino

    It’s all about the memories. For me that is what FME is all about.
  8. Mort

    Club Casino

    Also @Monk3yboy1985 in case you haven't already got it this might be of interest also, Sweepstake Club. I hope Wayfinder, Pete_W and Andy Tutton do not mind me releasing the Classic (Pete/Andy) and DX (Wayfinder) here. Both have been converted over for MFME 6 (.fml) but I have made no changes other than to fix a 12v Meter Alarm on the DX. Sweep_Stake_Club_(Barcrest)_[c]_MFME6.zip
  9. Treasure Island Dizzy, now that was game ! I think you only had one life, due to some game bug, it was really tough. Loved all the Dizzy games, especially Fantasy World Dizzy. The good ol' days. I used to love entering those POKE cheats from the magazines. Then when I got my Action Replay cartridge I was well away. Everything is too easy nowadays
  10. Mort

    Club Casino

    Thanks Dad. All I have done on both layouts is convert the alpha and then increase the volume (due to the RAM reset) Play both in MFME6.1 Hope it brings back some memories to @Monk3yboy1985 Cat_&_Mouse_(Bellfruit)_MFME6.zip
  11. Mort

    Club Casino

    Nice post, is this the game you mean ? There seems to be both a P(seudo)DX and a DX layout both done by DAD. I am happy to post these layouts here or perhaps DAD would prefer to instead. I am happy to upload if DAD gives the OK.
  12. Looks good Reg. I think it's a great idea. I imagine there might be a few good people out there who have never even thought to see if FME exists. I can't imagine how amazing it would be for someone interested in machines to find FME now at this stage. The emulator and the choice and quality of layouts is amazing. I suppose we are very niche though like you say.
  13. Mort

    Club Casino

    We have these ones, all clubbers on £50jp.
  14. Oh and btw C64 is best
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