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  1. Yes this is a wonderful layout, and a clone of Club Bullion (or it could have been the other way around with Buccaneer coming first). Thanks for all the hard work put into this.
  2. few photos I have and the flyer (which I think you already have) - maybe they will help. https://mega.nz/#!67RSHKKK!ws2cLtsvwo52cdWhawbWc0lzahgdev3I6-NGt97hDtg
  3. Thanks for the latest update Wizard.
  4. Mort

    Bars of Gold issues

    The above was a fixed release done by Frig on fruit-emu. I have no idea if it's OK but thought I would upload it from the dat anyway just in case.
  5. Mort

    Bars of Gold issues

    This version might work OK ? Not sure, you need to test it. Bars Of Gold (Pcp).zip
  6. Nice to see this updated with sound mate.
  7. another one for the playable set, thanks TC
  8. The ROMs themselves are no longer in the .zips of course because of all the work Geddy did many years ago now to get all of these into the ROM dat, for which myself and the scene as a whole should be glad that all that hard work took place and still does.
  9. I did notice that besides the index listings I have posted for the Maygay ROMs there is also a small .txt file with each ROM zip file which sometimes but not often gives a bit more info than the summary text index provides. So I have attached this here. If you drill into the individual ROM zips you will see a small text file contained within each one. Maygay ROM Info.zip
  10. Great DX, thanks TC - this will go into my playable set - so will be getting some actual play
  11. Yes this also reminds me of a chat we had on fruit-emu sometime ago with an ex. fruit machine programmer who explained that machines (not Deluxe Monopoly era of course) would detect only one coin input happening over sustained period of time and would then enter into an 'anti-stat's' mode in which the machine would play differently to stop other manufacturers checking other manufacturers gameplay etc. The post was from EdwardB and is a fascinating read for anyone interested : https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/53948-fruit-machines-inside-out-compensation Anyway long story short it does highlight the fact that layouts should be, ideally, released with multi coin (and token!) inputs, and when you play them in the emulator you should mix up your coin (and token!) inputs to try and get the machine in as much of a real life state as possible.
  12. Single Site and Arcade as ROM types, what would the difference in play be ?
  13. Just to add as well RF that the maygay.txt I originally posted above does include a section titled "BWB Conversion Programs" which could confirm some of the BWB queries etc.
  14. do you have that layout and rom combination and I can try it Tommy ?
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