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  1. Great news Dave. Glad you found the passion to delve back into this again, its been on my hope list for some time
  2. The very latest update notes for TeknoParrot: Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Skip calibration in Chase HQ2 This might solve it for you.
  3. Problems ? If the steering is too sensitive and you need to bring in a bit of a dead zone to the steering axis, then do this: Open TP and click on the hamburger icon (top left corner). Go to Settings. Click to enable the option Enable sTo0z Zone. Then adjust the slider to around 10%. Then Save Settings If the sun is too bright at some points. Open TP. Click on Outrun 2 SP SDX. Click on Game Settings. Look for Hack - SunHeightValue it's default value is 148. Try lowering it down to 100. Don't forget to Save Settings You will need to use XInput when using an Xbox One controller (the default is D(irect)Input) If you change to using XInput in the Game Settings, then don't forget to re-do your controller settings for the game, as they will be blanked out. If the game is not filling the screen properly, for example only a quarter of the rendered screen is shown blown up to full screen, then look into your Windows scaling options and ensure you are not running over 100% Don't forget this game contains all of the original 15 Outrun 2 tracks as well. This option to play them can easily be missed. It prompts you in the game to use the Change View option to select the original Outrun 2 tracks at various points. Look out for it ! I actually prefer many of the original Outrun 2 tracks. I will add a guide on how to add rumble to your controller later.
  4. Step 4 - Adding OR2 (Outrun 2 SP) to TP (TeknoParrot) You should now have the TP emulator extracted and updated. You should also have OR2 extracted which has both the NVidia shader patch applied and the correct Jennifer file extracted for the full screen resolution you are going to run the game in. You have a controller of some sort connected (although it will work with keyboard fine afaik). I use an old wired 360 controller. 1. Open TP by running the TeknoParrotUi.exe executable. 2. It should prompt you that you have no games setup, and do you want to add one. Click Yes. (If it doesn't prompt you then click the hamburger icon in the top left corner of TP and select the option Add Game) 3. Locate Outrun 2 SP DX in the list of games and then click Add Game. 4. Click on Game Settings 5. Look for the Game Executable: section and click just under it. A file explorer window will open. Navigate to your OR2 extracted folder and go to the /disk0/Jennifer folder. Then find and select the Jennifer file you noted in the previous post. For example, if you are running 1080p then you would select the file Jennifer_patched1080pfix. then select it and press Open to save. 6. Ensure the option "General - FreePlay" is selected (to save you messing around with credits) 7. Click Save Settings 8. Click on Controller Setup 9. For the very least to get OR2 working you will need to configure Start, Wheel Axis, Gas, Brake and View Change to your pad. Click Save Settings when done. 10. That's it you should now be able to click Launch Game and run OR2
  5. Step 3 - Fixing OR2 (Outrun 2 SP) There are a number of things needed to be done to get OR2 working. 1. A number of graphic shaders need to be fixed to work with NVidia GPUs on Windows. These fixes have already been applied to the download of OR2 above, so you don't need to do them. If you have obtained OR2 elsewhere then it would be worth doing this fix. Download the file outurn2_nv_shaderfix_jennifer.7z from this post and extract the files into the location you have extracted OR2 to. You would need to extract into the /disk0 folder as this contains the Jennifer folder.outrun2_nv_shaderfix_Jennifer.7z 2. The executable file for OR2 is known as an elf file, and it's location is /disk0/Jennifer/Jennifer (no it doesn't have an .exe extension). This file is hardcoded for a resolution of something like 800x480 and has problems with shadows if run on PC. I have included 4 fix files here, which can be used to extract a new Jennifer file, which will have a different name. You need to select and use the file based on your full screen resolution. I have included fix files for 1920x1080, 2560x1440 and 2 for 4k resolution 3840x2160 resolutions. I am unsure what, if any, difference there is in these two 4k files but I have included both. You need to extract the file to the /disk0/Jennifer folder. Don't worry it will not overwrite the original Jennifer file as these all have different names for the Jennifer file. 1920x1080.rar 2560x1440.rar 3840x2160.rar 3840x2160 alt.rar When you have extracted the new Jennifer file make a note of the name of the one you are going to use, they are called: Jennifer_patched1080pfix Jennifer_patched1440pfix Jennifer_patched2160pfix Jennifer_patched2160paltfix
  6. Step 2 - "Obtain" Outrun 2 SP Be careful with some of the links to Outrun 2 SP on the web as there exists an alternative version which has all it's original music replaced with some dodgy European shite. Why?! Here is a link which I got my version from originally : https://uptobox.com/sqqxs6k5idqk and this link still appears to be working fine today. Be careful with going to the link above as it contains the usual false links etc. You need to click on the green "Click here to start your download" button. When downloaded extract to somewhere. I am using E:\Games\Outrun 2 SP\
  7. Step 1 - Download and install TP (TeknoParrot) Note: To run Outrun 2 SP DX you need an NVidia GPU - as far as I can see it does not support AMD GPUs (due to shader and graphics library/api issues). Note: I am running on Windows 10 v1909 - I believe it's fine on earlier Windows versions but I cannot guarantee. Note: I have provided a .zip archive for TP (TeknoParrot) here: https://mega.nz/#!TzZFSKZZ!D07r8o9Lz7coe_4cmpgpTFB0qSRKrAHJmaNcPAGKPCI which I have updated to all the latest modules as of today. If you prefer you can download this version which will allow you to skip most of the steps below and just extract to a permanent location as per step 4. 1. Point browser at https://teknoparrot.com/ and then click on Downloads tab, then click on the link Click here to download version now! 2. You should be redirected to Mega and then click the green Download button. 3. The download is a .RAR archive and is a portable version (i.e. it doesn't require installation to Windows, just extraction to a permanent folder) 4. For my example I am extracting to the location E:\Games\TeknoParrot_1.0.0.140 (I may have a few extra files and folders in the screenshot below) 5. The executable file you need to run is called TeknoParrotUi.exe 6. The first time it runs it will detect it being run for the first time, it will ask about adding games, click NO for now. Also, 4 update windows may appear. TeknoParrot has multiple modules, and each one needs updating. Find the window that wants to update the component TeknoParrotUi first and click the Update button. This should download and install, and you may get an error "Object Reference Not Set..." just press OK, then it will ask if you want to restart TP, click YES. 7. TP will reload, and then another 4 update windows may appear *groan* - do the updates for OpenSegaAPI and OpenParrotWin32 first - these should both install very quickly. Then do TeknoParroN2 update. This then leaves the final update to do, TeknoParrot Unknown to, which takes a short while. 8. The emulator is now installed *phew*
  8. Leave it with me chaps, will sort out some more in-depth info shortly.
  9. Anyone tried the emulator, TeknoParrot ? I have recently been working with it a fair bit, and have got one of my all time favourites, Outrun 2 SP DX running (along with Sega Rally 3 and Daytona 3) Outrun (1986) and then Outrun 2 (2003) and Outrun 2 SP (2004) have long been my favourite machines of all time in the arcades. I have played Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast (which is basically Outrun 2 and 2 SP combined) on my PC for years but have been waiting for the emulation of the arcade originals. Outrun 2 is based on Chihiro (which in itself is an original Xbox with a bit more RAM) and the emulation of this is still not great but Outrun 2 SP was released on Lindbergh technology, which is basically PC architecture (an Intel P4 HT 3.0Ghz and NVidia 6800) and then running on Linux. So TeknoParrot itself isn't quite so much about emulating different technology but moreover about running Linux on Windows with then specific hacks to get games functional. Outrun 2 SP runs about 99% perfect for me, with just these 2 standout issues: 1. The sun can be over bright in some sections, and this can be fixed by a hack to adjust the sun position/strength. (it's to do with hacking the game to run in higher resolutions than originally intended, and this then causes the sun's position and strength to be adjusted incorrectly) 2. The audio can become distorted and out of sync (although this is rare) If anyone is interested more then I can always provide more info about getting it working etc. I have also got rumble working now with my 360 Controller with a third party FFB add-in, which is a nice cherry on top. Here is a video:
  10. Yes this is a wonderful layout, and a clone of Club Bullion (or it could have been the other way around with Buccaneer coming first). Thanks for all the hard work put into this.
  11. few photos I have and the flyer (which I think you already have) - maybe they will help. https://mega.nz/#!67RSHKKK!ws2cLtsvwo52cdWhawbWc0lzahgdev3I6-NGt97hDtg
  12. Thanks for the latest update Wizard.
  13. Nice to see this updated with sound mate.
  14. another one for the playable set, thanks TC
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