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  1. Well firstly....what you do with the crack of a mans arse is your business! Secondly, it's much better than some of the crap you hear pumping out of car windows nowadays lol!
  2. WHAT!!!! You sir are the one on crack! These tunes are timeless...TIMELESS I tell you!
  3. NANANANANANANANANANANANANANAAA!! You all know what I mean, when Adam West was Batman and not the Dark Knight!
  4. Not sure the tech is emulated yet Vecs! maybe in MFME 20.0
  5. Have a listen to this remake of the classic Rambo loader by Matt Gray. Awesome!!!!
  6. Amazing release Pook. Remember this is my local chippy back in the day giving me a right fleecing. Thank you
  7. Unbelievable release. Thank you so much and a Merry Christmas to you!!
  8. Thanks Vecs. Another great release from you!
  9. Lovely layout. Thanks so much for your hard work!
  10. There is a video on youtube where a guy gets a mixed roll and it turns to a gold roll, so I assume it just happens at random.
  11. they look very similar to the bars on nudge nudge wink wink
  12. This worked for me thanks. Also the Nudges and Features are the wrong way round Tommy, collecting nudges on the board suddenly goes over to features if you get my meaning lol.
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