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  1. Thank you so much for this, your continued hard work is so very much appreciated by all I am sure.
  2. Amazing layout. Thank you!!
  3. Really great layout, very crisp. well done and thanks!
  4. Thanks for this. A tight machine, doesn't like to be forced lol!
  5. Cheers Reg, will give it a blast!
  6. I had a Tomahawk for Christmas when I was about 5 or 6. It was red like this one, and I went round my friends house to show it off and he had a purple one. I think we rode around playing CHiPS for weeks!
  7. Yup, was it a stab in the dark?
  8. I believe you got it first time Infection
  9. when we used to play hide and seek in the street as kids whoever was 'on' had to turn around and then we'd say.. I draw a bare lady upon your back, two tits one crack, which finger dotted it. they would then have to guess which finger drew the crack, each wrong guess gave us 10 extra seconds to hide.
  10. Found this on Hotukdeals. Thought a few of you may be interested. https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/pdf-the-little-book-of-zx-spectrum-games
  11. I absolutely love this short ghost story by Charles Dickens called the Signalman. I have liked it since I was a kid when I used to spend a lot of evenings with a Signalman in the local signal box. It's 36 minutes long but well worth a watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  12. Yes I did on IMDB, that's when I knew it wasn't called that so I just googled "film about being stuck in a phone box" and found it
  13. I did a little digging and it wasn't French it was Spanish, and it wasn't called Telefon it was called La Cabina (the Telephone box). Yet again YouTube comes up trumps for the obscure!
  14. I remember as a kid watching a film late one night, it was French I think called Telefon or something like that. It was about a guy who gets trapped in a phone box and the fire brigade can't get him out so the phone company unbolt it off the floor and put it on a truck to take it back to their workshop. On the way there they drive past others stuck in phone boxes all being unbolted off the floor. He then gets put on a conveyor that takes him into a warehouse and it's full of phone boxes all with dead people inside. That film disturbed me and I wouldn't go in a phone box for months and let the door close on me!
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