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  1. Hi Pook, Not sure if the reels are correct. I had 3 lemons roll in and it gave no win. Other than that its another awesome release of a long gone machine.
  2. The Lazers I remember were not sherbet in a straw, they were like a hard boiled sweet about 4 or 5 inches long and was coloured yellow and red and I think the wrapper was red, or maybe blue. This was in the mid to late 70's
  3. I remember playing this back in the day in a local arcade. Amazing to see it again after all these years. Thank you Pook.
  4. I loved this era of Bellfruits along with Cops and Robbers, OFAH etc. Cheers Tommy!
  5. Another amazing machine resurrected from the dead! Thanks Pook, your talents are very much appreciated.
  6. A release of the highest quality as always Pook. Thank you very muchly!
  7. Thanks Tommy. Quite an original game
  8. Thanks Vecs. stunning release!
  9. Well firstly....what you do with the crack of a mans arse is your business! Secondly, it's much better than some of the crap you hear pumping out of car windows nowadays lol!
  10. WHAT!!!! You sir are the one on crack! These tunes are timeless...TIMELESS I tell you!
  11. NANANANANANANANANANANANANANAAA!! You all know what I mean, when Adam West was Batman and not the Dark Knight!
  12. Not sure the tech is emulated yet Vecs! maybe in MFME 20.0
  13. Have a listen to this remake of the classic Rambo loader by Matt Gray. Awesome!!!!
  14. Amazing release Pook. Remember this is my local chippy back in the day giving me a right fleecing. Thank you
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