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  1. What you and all the other layout creators come up with is beyond amazing in my eyes. I have been downloading layouts since 2006 and the amount of happiness, excitement and sentimentality you have given me in all that time is immeasurable. We who love fruit machines are in the minority, those of us that have found FME are miniscule and as for the layout creators, i will be forever in your debt.
  2. Could you tell me how you make the cash amounts visible when playing the DOND game. I went into edit mode and played around with it, but i can't seem to get it right.
  3. When i download a layout from a creator and want to change roms, what exactly to i have to change/replace. I have downloaded several different romsets for different machines (mainly mpu5, scorpion 4) but i'm not quite sure what i need to do in order for it to run the different rom. Thanks
  4. The shortcut keys assigned to the 2nd and 3rd reels are the same. Easy fix for most people, but i'm sure there will be one or two that will not know what to do.
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