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  1. just hope they dont include this nightmare...lol
  2. always liked this one better...cant think of a reason shy...lol
  3. mates and me just bought tickets to lets rock belfast.. time for a trip down memory lane https://letsrockbelfast.com/lineup/
  4. reading the list of tracks triggered good and bad memory's from my teens..... funny how music traps memory's like that...
  5. fatdad

    ZX Spectrum Next

    when i ordered mine from the club book, zx speccy 16 k and the 32k ram pack for xmas only the ram pack arrived as they had sold out of speccys... had to wait ages for it to arrive....
  6. fatdad

    ZX Spectrum Next

    cant afford it now but hoping santa wife will feel generous this xmas..lol
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